Picture Magic is a feature rich photo editing tools for Blackberry cell phones with touch screen supported.
Recover lost or deleted contacts, text messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, videos, documents and more.
Magia de la imagen es una foto ricos de la caracteristica herramientas de edicion para telefonos celulares Blackberry con pantalla tactil de apoyo. The filter wars seem set to continue if you were to take the latest leaked video of the BlackBerry 10 photo editing app that has started to make its rounds online. Even if we're talking BB10 native apps, I'd have to go with PicShopLite over anything here. With BlackBerry 10 being built from the ground up, there are plenty of new things to explore and find within the OS.
Rather than searching out an app to help with cropping photos, red eye reduction, adjusting contrast or even adding filters and borders, it can all be done with the photo editing app.
Now that you have your photo picked out and the editor launched, you'll see a whole slew of options to choose from that will make your already great photo even better.
That said though, should you ever wish to undo a change it's easy to get back to your original photo state as well.
To save your photo, click on save and the photo will then start exporting to your photo album.
With your photo edits finalized and the image exported, you'll find the photo added to your photo library and from there, you can do as you wish with it. If you have got a Blackberry phone and want to edit photos on your mobile phone, you may need some powerful photo editors for Blackberry. It allows you to add arrows, funny eyes, glasses, shiny jewelry, balloons, weird masks, facial hair, text and word balloons to your photos.
Si usted tiene un telefono Blackberry y quiero editar fotos en su telefono movil, es posible que tenga algunos poderosos editores de fotos para Blackberry . Vamos a echar un vistazo a las mas populares y aplicaciones de edicion de fotos Blackberry.

Since the day I picked up my first BlackBerry, the camera has always functioned as main camera more than the point and click ones I've owned and even more than my DSLR.
Filterbox is great when you want to edit more quickly and is also perfect for those that want a simpler editing format.
One thing RIM added that might sound rather trivial to some but could be thought of as a much needed feature to others is the built-in photo editing function.
From there, you'll want to go ahead and tap on the 'Edit' icon, which will then launch the full blown photo editor. BlackBerry 10 has included plenty of basic functionality while also adding a lot of advanced options. Available options are: Smooth Face, Sixties, Grain, Age Photo, Filmstrip, Halftone, Cartoon and Big Eyes. Just tapping on any of the choices will further reveal more options to choose from and from there you can select the level of optimization for each. All a matter of taste though, as I'm sure some folks don't really need all the filters and borders offered but rather just want basic editing options.
For any artistic filters or styles that you add to your images, you're able to get a live preview just by sliding the arrows you see above each choice onto the photo. Saving photos is as easy as editing them; just head on up to the top right hand corner and tap on done.
You'll likely be wondering if it overwrote your original image considering it never asked you to name the photo but no need to worry. You can check out the sharing options available below plus any apps that use the sharing framework will show up in here as well. Among them, there are some really great Blackberry photo editing apps that can help you make your photos more attractive and interesting.
Entre ellos, hay algunos realmente genial foto de Blackberry aplicaciones de edicion que pueden ayudarle a hacer sus fotos mas atractivo e interesante. Este editor de fotos para BlackBerry es amado por la gente creativa que le gusta tomar fotografias y dibujos.

Being able to point, shoot, and edit an image instantly is one of the features I love about my BlackBerry. It's certainly no secret that BlackBerry has struggled for the past few years, and everything surrounding the company has been chaotic, but for the first time in a while now, it would seem as though there's a change in the air.
From there, you can remove your last edit or go all the way back to the orignal base photo before any edits at all. The edited photos are renamed as they are exported ensuring that your original photo remains intact. Furthermore, you can make personalized greeting cards and presentations with this Blackberry photo editor. This photo editor for Blackberry is loved by creative people who like taking pictures and drawing. Funciones comunes de edicion de fotos como de cultivo, zoom, etc tambien se proporcionan en esta aplicacion BlackBerry de edicion de fotos.
Ademas, usted puede hacer tarjetas de felicitacion personalizadas y presentaciones con este editor de fotos Blackberry.
With the overabundance of photography applications currently available here are just a few to get you started. In addition, this is also another spot where you can save your photo if you wish, but there is another more preferred option for that. If you wish, you can use the file manager to rename it or simply rename it within the photo app itself. If you have any questions, comments or tips for use, feel free to drop them below in the comments.

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