I had shared a mehndi pattern tutorial on the blog which is the most loved on pinterest (you can see it here) I had thought I would do more such posts but I just realized its almost two years since I did that post, gosh! Coming straight to the tutorial - I saw this amazing henna pattern on instagram (shared by someone from facebook - I think its going around on a lot of social media channels but I have no idea who really owns this image. I will have uploaded the full tutorial image pinterest so you can see all steps in one shot if you wish - do check it out on the board Our External World on pinterest! Share Tweet Share Pin Email Henna (mehndi) is basically an herbal dye that is powdered and when applied on skin gives cooling effect.
Henna is a plant that produces a very strong dye that is used for cosmetic purposes in North Africa, in the Arabian Peninsula and in Near and South Asia. If you are looking for Henna Design in Melbourne, then we have earned the reputation of being the best Indian beauty parlor in Melbourne.

It is high time I share at least one more DIY mehndi tutorial with you all so that you can try it out one of these days during all the festivity.
Just follow the picture tutorial below step by step and you will see it is an easy pattern and all that you need is a steady hand.
Simple mehendi designs are worn by women and young girls during auspicious festivals and occasions such as Diwali, Karva Chauth, and so on in the Northern states of India. And, those who love elaborate ones, generally prefer wearing these for family weddings or as a bridal mehendi for themselves.What used to seem as a very difficult task, to make the mehndi paste, fill a cone and then apply, has become much easy and simple with the ready-made mehndi cones available in the market these days. Follow this peacock henna step by step tutorial to learn how to do henna.Peacocks are one of the most beautiful henna designs which add elegance and charm to the body art.
Go through these image tutorials to easily learn how to draw the outlines and also the elaborate patterns within.With basic henna designs mentioned earlier in the post, you can fill in the body of the peacock.

As pores are opened and the chemicals present in henna might enter through open poresThe color of the henna is different on palm and on skin. Use the above mentioned techniques on step by step henna application, and keep practising different shapes and sizes of motifs that you love.[Also Read: How to Make Sure Your Henna Lasts Longer]Hope this post on how to apply henna mehndi designs step by step tutorial helps you in becoming a pro! Once you have mastered the designs mentioned in this post, do not forget to read our article on 20 mehendi designs for beginners.

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