The online photo-editing company was founded by three friends in Seattle in 2005, with the website soon becoming a hit with photo enthusiasts keen to make fast, simple edits or jazz up their shots with a wide range of filters and stickers. The popular site was embedded in a number of photo-sharing websites, such as Flickr and Picasa, and ended up being acquired by Google in March, 2010.
However, in January this year it was announced that the site would be closed down, with some of its editing tools being incorporated into social networking site Google+.

Anyone who enjoyed using Picnik needn’t worry, however, as there are plenty of other web-based photo editors out there — some very similar to Picnik.
Fans of Picnik bid farewell to the popular and easy-to-use photo-editing website on Thursday, as its owner, Google, retired the service.
Still, it offers a lot of editing possibilities and may appeal to some, especially those who like to jazz up their images with stickers and such like.

Stickers and text can also be added to photos; whitening, red-eye and blemish fixes are also possible.

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