This post is about designing temporary tattoos for photoshoots, film and television, or just for fun. There are many online tattoo design websites that have thousands of tattoo designs in all sorts of categories.
For those really getting inked, the image offered should be a full colour, high resolution download, meaning that the design can be printed clearly and with great detail, ready to be taken to the tattoo studio for reference. While you won’t get a handy high-resolution printout or stencil from a book, they can provide lots of inspiration and you get to see the tattoos on people, rather than as a flat template.
Not as much choice as using a good tattoo design website, but the basic and common tattoos are more than covered, and come in a variety of sizes from small to big. Pre-made temporary tattoos are good for filming continuity, creating a quick or last-minute tattoo, experimenting before getting a real one, or just for fun. Other less personal reasons like trends of the day, because they simply like tattoos or they got drunk on holiday and thought it would be hilarious, oh….

A full body suit is an extensive tattoo (usually of a similar pattern, style or theme) that covers the entire torso or the entire body. There are different tattooing techniques, all designed to simply get ink under the skin, from traditional implements like bamboo sticks to modern tattoo guns. Different countries and cultures can have a different look and feel to the styling of tattoos, as well as the use (or lack of use) of certain colours.
For example, tattoos were outlawed in Japan from the start of the Meiji period until after WWII. The beauty of temporary tattoos is being able to experiment with ideas and having a trial run. We look at where to get tattoo design ideas (so if you are looking to get inked for real, this next bit might be useful to you) and what to consider when designing a tattoo for a character.
Some cultures have a tradition of tattooing e.g the Maori of New Zealand with distinctive patterns and  designs, and Berber women in Morocco have a rich tradition of facial tattooing.

The image and its edges become blurry, and the colours dull and merge into each other, leaving a flat, fuzzy and faded tattoo.
During this time tattooing went underground – even today tattoos still have a negative image in Japan.
Sometimes seeing a tattoo in situ is the best way to gauge what works and what doesn’t.
We look at tattoo makeup products, the different ways to create a temporary tattoo and looking after your skin art.
Throughout history, tattoos have also been used to mark prisoners, criminals or slaves as identification marks.

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