Macware, a popular Mac software publisher, is giving away 40 brand new free Mac fonts on the MacAppSale website. Related ArticlesInspiration : Amazing type, font and lettering treatments that show true creativity! Thank you for your interest in the royalty free fonts from MacAppware, a division of 128bit Technologies.
Mac software and commercial use fonts for graphic design, creative projects, and mac repair and cleanup. These fonts are different from other font collections you may have purchased recently and are an excellent addition to any font collector’s library for use in graphic and logo design, web design, scrapbooks, presentations, invitations, promotional material, advertisements, and more.
Free Fonts support Mac OS X 10.6 (64bit) and later, and are now available for download on the Mac App Store. MacAppware is a dedicated Mac software developer offering Mac OS X applications, graphic design bundles and unique commercial use fonts. Thanks a ton ( or should I say “thanks a LOT”) for this great font, I will use it well into the future, also, thanks for contributing to the community!

If you like this font, you may subscribe to Font Fabric's newsletter to receive regular updates. Each premium font in this collection just came off our design floor so you will not find them anywhere else.
Each Mac font is in OpenType font format and includes a one (1) computer commercial use license. The Design & Publishing Center is a Spam-Free web site and welcomes your articles, comments and contributions. Once the fonts are saved to your Mac they can be used on any computer running Mac OS X 10.1 or later, or Windows XP and later. The brand new collection of Mac fonts can be used in a variety of for-profit, commercial or personal projects across your organization or at home.
You can use these 679 fonts for any personal and commercial project, and each font includes a 1 computer license.
This collection currently includes 45 original fonts in OpenType font format, and can be used for any personal and business project.

All fonts include Western European character sets, and work in all applications including Quark, Adobe, Microsoft, iLife, iWork and more. International character support is NOT standard for every font but is available for many of them. This collection now includes 161 original font families (we started a year ago with only 54 font families), with a total of 2,018 fonts in all.
Each font is in OpenType font format and can be used for any personal and business project on both Mac and PC computers.

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