TweetBlack rose tattoos are normally seen as a memorial to a show the love and loss of a loved one. This incredible black rose tattoo in large scale with great shading and vine work works well here on the body trunk.
This simple black rose design with initials looks great on the arm or even the center of the upper back. This awesome shoulder black rose tattoo has great size for visibility, but can be semi covered for a mysterious look.

Classic black rose tattoo with great detail and shading; an inspirational piece of art work. This awesome large black rose tattoo has a personal message behind it and the detail work is great! Black rose tattoos in recent years are seeing a surge in tattoo popularity with the spouse of members of the armed services to honor them while they are at war.
Another popular meaning for black rose tattoos is to pay tribute to the completion of a long and arduous task, like a college degree.

Black rose tattoos are popular for people with a rebellious spirit, and serve the warrior sprit as well. Black rose tattoos can have a strong meaning of hope; it’s like waiting for a miracle to happen.

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