If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Famous Tattoo Quotes, Creative Tattoos, Friendship Tattoos and Superman Tattoos. These two small tattoos look very appealing and are symbolic of the tomboy inside the girl. The bright red skull with the skull and cross bones symbolizes the deadly desire of the wearer to reach glorious heights in her career.
The girl wears twin skulls with pink butterfly wings on the sides of her chest that express her free-spirited and freedom-loving nature. Have a look at this eerie black and gray skull tattoo that is symbolic of danger and death.
The girl wears a black and gray skull on her thigh that stands for the tough times she has gone through in her past. This pair of flying skulls looks very catchy and is a symbol of daring and risk-loving nature of the girl. The three roses and the skull together make for a lovely and intriguing tattoo piece that is symbolic of the fact that beauty is ephemeral and dies a natural death with time.
Colorful and cute sugar skull tattoo with a purple bow is a tribute to the deceased sister of the wearer. The wearer is an archaeologist and this tattoo on his back conveys his love for his profession. The girl sports a lovely black and white skull with pink bow that makes a sweet style statement.
Sporting a hat and rose, this skull tattoo is a symbol of the girl’s lover who is a die-hard romantic. Stylized version of skull created with a hat points towards the fearless nature of the guy.
Creepy to the core, this tattoo is symbolic of the harrowing phase in the life of the wearer that also serves as a source of inspiration.

Unique skull tattoo exhibiting clover leaves and engulfed in a scroll stands for the lows and highs of fortune. This tattoo is symbolic of the deadly environmental pollution that needs to be contained before all of us die. Flanked by a pair of roses, this skull tattoo is symbolic of the wearer’s belief in undying love. Etched on the top of the arm, this skull tattoo represents the fact that the wearer has overcome his fear of death. Sugar skull tattoos have a special artistic charm and look very catchy with their floral embellishments. This cute little skull tattoo is dedicated to the dear daughter of the wearer who died pretty early. The girl displays a small cute skull on her foot that is symbolic of the quirky side of her personality.
The girl sports a pair of sugar skulls on her thighs to express her love and regards for her ancestors. Have a look at this evil looking skull with a pinkish tint that oozes a sober demonic appeal.
The pair of interesting skulls sitting on the feet of the girl are a symbol of love and togetherness.
The demon and angel skull gracing the back of the guy look very picturesque and inspire him to tread the path of righteousness.
Sitting on the middle finger of the girl, the cute skull tattoo makes a lovely style statement. Have a look at this side tattoo that conveys the pride of the wearer for his native tribal culture.
The skull and a hat with American flag design looks very cool and makes an excellent patriotic style statement.

The girl is a believer in Christ and the tattoo on the back of her neck is symbolic of the fact that she is not afraid of death. Glamorous skull tattoo carved on the inside of the forearm expresses the adventurous and courageous nature of the wearer.
This unique skull tattoo is symbolic of the philosophy according to which good and bad, both reside inside us.
The spades shaped up as cross bones and the intriguing mystic number 13 together make for a mysterious tattoo piece.
Sugar skull with wings and roses looks very dreamy and expresses the desire of the wearer to uphold his ancestral pride. Well, then skull tattoos must be a favorite with you as they qualify on all these parameters and look quite distinct from others. Girly skulls are another popular genre of skull tattoo designs and look cute in their sweet and captivating avatar. If you are thinking of getting yourself a similar tattoo then it would be a good idea to check the post we have created below. It features 49 pictures of the tattoos of skulls that are full delectable designs and magnetic meanings. Death and danger are two popular symbolic meanings that are frequently attached to the skull.

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