If you are just starting your online store, or you have a limited budget, and you want to create videos for your online store that are engaging then read on. In this post, I want to share with you my fly by the seat of my pants, product video creation strategy that I was implementing on the day I was getting new manufacturers on board.
I sell camper trailers and camper trailer accessories online via a dropshipping business model and I share this with you because it gives context to this blog post. Before we had shot any video, we had manufacturers in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, but our Melbourne manufacturer sat a bit outside of your target markets price range (due to them being of such high quality) so we thought product videos would be the best way to communicate the quality of their products.
By doing product videos with your manufacturer, you build your relationship with them in a way like no other. If you can do this for that manufacturers products and their competitors you will really have a great understanding of the product which not only helps you know your business better and sell your products better, but it will show your manufacturer that they are dealing with the right person. The best thing about these videos is that they usually present the product better than if the customer went to a physical store to buy it in person. The last thing you need to know is to have an standard introduction to your video and a standard ending.

For the intro I suggest to let them know who you are, your website name, where you are (especially if your at the manufacturers premises) and then introduce who your with. For the outro, sign off thanking your co-host, ask them to like it if they did like it (I didn’t think to do this at the time) and let them know that you look forward to seeing them on the next video. Ideally you would want everyone to watch your video all the way through but that’s just never going to happen for obviously reasons. Relative audience retention shows your video’s ability to retain viewers during playback relative to all YouTube videos of similar length. If your still a bit concerned, just know I’d not done anything like this before so I did um and ah a fair bit in this video. I hope this encourages you that you don’t need to have a team of professional camera men to make engaging product videos for your online store. AndrewWhannellHi, my name is Andrew Whannell and a huge part of my everyday life is in helping build online stores for my clients.
This also builds trust for your website because people see you working with the manufacturer.

You can find these reports in the Youtube analytics menu under view reports inside your youtube dashboard. The higher the graph at any given moment, the proportionately more viewers kept watching your video over the preceding seconds of playback versus other videos at that same moment in their playbacks. LOGIN SUPADUPA Create your own online boutique Home How it works Your Boutique Themes Showcase Blog Pricing Sign Up Start your own Boutique.
You may not know all the finer details and that’s ok because in the next step you will discover what your missing when you do your pre video walk through with your co-host and they naturally enlighten you with all these extra things you may not know.

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