Ever since the earliest days, tattoos have been a joyful celebration of important landmarks. Three stunning roses in pink, mauve and blue sit above name-holders, in this tattoo idea for a mom of three. A butterfly and a dragonfly hover near gorgeous flowers, in this tattoo celebrating spring. Shaded in rich maroon, cyan, golden and green, this roses tattoo looks colorful on the back.

In this inspired tattoo art-piece, life flows in circles and spirals, ushering in motherhood. Complete with the joy and pain of bringing forth new life, being a mom is an awesome experience that goes beyond words. The bold flow lines of tribal designs inspire tattoos that express the many shades of motherhood. Inked with butterflies and dragonflies on your skin, the flower tattoo becomes a reminder of the spring in your life.

A peacock with her tail feathers shaped as baby peacocks, or roses with names of children, are all powerful tattoo ideas for moms.

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