Close your eyes and put yourself in these people’s shoes and maybe you can hear somewhere in the back of your head, their reasoning for doing this or what they told their friends as they were headed off to the tattoo parlor to go get it done.
Actually, the guy with the Mc Donalds tattoo is one of the nicest, and coolest, guys I know, and it is not just a random Mc Donalds tattoo, he is mainly covered in cereal tattoos. Tattoos are very helpful in identifying those with low IQ and low earning potential, without having them first open their mouth.

I had a tatoo done that I loved it looked great but once it heeled , there was lots of colour patches and the out line is wonky good on you bell st pascoe vale sth tatoist,I could have done a better job!so I hope your ears turn into arseholes and shit on your shoulders GO AND STUDY THE ART OF TATTOING , this is on the top of my foot and looks shit or sorry were you shit faced when you done this shit form of art work!!!!!!!!!!
I can see where Minnesota girl was going with her tattoo, it’s interesting how the shape of the state is very similar to the shape of her body from the perspective where the tattoo actually is. The scientific method is about solving a problem, where in your right mind do you relate that with getting a tattoo.

I think the tattoo is very nicely done, great detail, the colors are amazing and it flows flawlessly with his other tattoos.

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