I wanted the celtic motherhood knot, couldn't find a template that I liked (that someone had done already), found a picture of the knot which was a stained glass ornament, took it to Warpaint at St Marys (In New South Wales, Australia) and fluked getting an appointment with their most booked out artist.
Incorporating the symbols of her Irish heritage – Celtic heart knot, a dot for each child and shamrocks.
I hope I inspired you with my gallery of Celtic symbols for motherhood this Mother’s Day.

Wherever you feel most comfortable with this tattoo is the area you should consider placement.
Danielle responded to Brie how she was going to use the celtic motherhood knot to represent her mother.
This Is My Next Tattoo.Celtic Symbol Of Sisterhood Tattoo -A Wave Is Symbolized As One Of The Strongest Forces On Earth.

A Guy I Use To Like Mother Had This Tattoo And It Is To Inspire Me To Find True Love And To Find The True Meaning Of Things Because You Really Have To Look At It So See The People.

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