Using the Type Tool, type out Media on one layer and change the font to Aphrodite Slim Pro.
This Glyphs panel gives you the ability to see all of the characters as well as the alternate characters for any given font. It is great to see all the different characters available to us, but the real power of the Glyphs panel is being able to show the Alternates for a selected character. While Photoshop does not have a Glyphs panel, you can create your typography inside of Illustrator and copy and paste it into Photoshop to manipulate.
Affair is an extraordinary new calligraphic typeface by Alejandro Paul with a party full of swash characters, ligatures, and ornaments.
Blanchard is a revival and elaborate extension of Muriel, a 1950 metal face made by Blanchard Trochut for the Fonderie Typographique Francaise, that was published simultaneously by the Spanish Gans foundry under the name Juventud.
Mainly for invitations; Mon Amour Script Pro, is an Open-Type font, which will delight you.

A great way to create a truly unique set of fonts for branding and customization with logos and other graphic design. It is an amazing handmade font full of alternate and ligature forms designed by Sabrina Lopez and Maximiliano Sproviero.
With a huge vintage sports theme, it has many ligatures, swashes, alternates, foreign accented characters and tails—all of which connect seamlessly. Nelly Script Flourish comes complete with a large variety of alternate upper and lowercase forms in OpenType format. I have been playing with glyphs for a while now and everyone I show them to is amazed that they never knew they could do that. It really is amazing that these features have been around for over 10 years and Photoshop still doesn’t have a Glyphs panel. You have to pay money for a good font, where the designer of the font put in extra characters into the font family.

I would think more designers would know about using them if some of the free fonts had these OpenType features built into them. At the end of this article, I have listed some of the most amazing fonts that have alternates. Unfortunately, I went looking for about 30 minutes looking for some good free OT fonts and found nothing.

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