Tattoos that wrap around the ankle are eye catching, and bring focus to the legs which makes them subtly flirty. Getting an ankle tattoo can be painful because the skin is close to the bone in that area (it depends where though) .
A new ankle tattoo is more prone to infection than tattoos in other areas and will also bleed more easily.
Choosing an image that has larger details is best, but you may want to seek the advice of a tattoo artist.

Smaller details become blurred on tiny tattoos, and a small ankle design may not appear as sharp as you might expect. Nicole Richie has a rosary beads and cross tattoo on her ankle, which inspired many girls to do the same. It was actually a tattoo- but don’t worry, Lagerfeld hasn’t started to brand the models for life with Chanel’s crossed C’s logo but was using transfers.
If you get a wraparound image like a rosary tattoo, you can show off your ink from all directions.

Not just that, but these are extremely intricate, detailed and decorative pieces of art that are both make-up and a fashion accessory. Lagerfeld’s models were covered in intricate chain tattoos on the wrist, legs and neck and at a glance they really did look like Chanel’s iconic jewellery, the pearl chains with CC logo.

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