Tattoo Caine Black Tattoo Artist in Memphis TNBorn in Chicago, Raised in Milwaukee, WI, now Tattooing out of Memphis TN. Made Rich Black Tattoo Artist NYCRichard "MADERICH" Parker is a former stand out football athlete at Wagner college. Jacci Gresham Black Tattoo Artist LegendvThis woman was Tattooing before some of the people on this list were born. Dutchess Lattimore Black Female Tattoo artistNot only is she a Tattoo artist she's also a model.
If Tattoo is the 10th art, then Old School is its classic side and Graphic Tattoo its contemporary side. Graphic tattoos can go from a reinvention of reality to the purest abstraction, from color to black, to childhood and street influences to watercolor and pop art.
DISCLAIMER : This is NOT a ranking list, but a gathering of some artists we think are worth knowing, but there are MANY MORE Graphic tattoo artists worth knowing. Male – Czech Republic (Prague) – Tribo Tattoo. Getting more and more in abstraction and minimalism, the work of Musa is always a curiosity. Female – Argentina (Buenos Aires) – Personal studio. This young lady creates colorful watercolor explosion tattoos.
You may have already seen this article and video on the first experiment of a 3D printing tattoo machine. Here is the story of Justin Spakowitz, who covered his face with tattoos when he was 19 years old and now, 10 years later, he has grown so sick of the discrimination he faces that he has decided to get rid of his face tattoos. A recent survey has suggested that a surprising number of people who get tattooed will experience some form of allergic reaction, be it pain, prolonged rashes, inflammation, itching and severe scabbing lasting months! Now an ugly tattoo doesn't necessarily mean that it is done badly, it can simply mean the tattoo is of a subject that isn't all that great.

As a child he had already begun to develop as an artist and musician.He is a true artist and a student of his craft.
In this adaptation of Richard Castle’s second Derrick Strom novel, the private investigation is hired to help a wealthy woman get back the money she lost to a con artist, but what should have been routine mission quickly spirals out of control when the con artist reaches out to Storm seeking his help finding a missing woman. Graphic is a recent style in tattoo, not older than twenty years or so, but it is already considered as the most innovative skin art. The famous names of Graphic tattoo, trending on the Internet are of course Xoil, Ivana Belakova, Volko Merschky and Simone Pfaff, Sasha Unisex, Bugs, Topsiturby, Jean-Luc Navette, David Hale, Expanded Eye, Florian Karg, Joey Pang, Lianne Moule, Little Swastiska, Neo, Pietro Sedda, Steph Hanlon, etc.
You can consider the work of Yann Black as naive, but he is certainly one of the most influent pioneer of Graphic tattoo and tattoo in general. This pioneer of graphic tattoo has co-founded La Boucherie Moderne with Kostek, a shop that have influenced numerous talented artists such as Xoil.
The founder of the shop Nevada Johnny is one of the most amazing Graphic artists in the world, with a use of colors and abstraction that would blow the mind of many contemporary artists, for example Pablo Picasso.
No one uses color as Ondrash and his watercolor tattoos are always highly recognizable thanks to their intensity. The principle is simple: give a design to a machine, and let it tattoo it on the skin of the customer. People tend to associate face tattoos with dropouts, criminals, and someone who is either wasted or — enough to get a face tattoo. That's because frankly speaking many "Black" tattoo artists hate being called "Black" tattoo artists.This subject is very dear to my heart. He is quoted as saying "I believe the art of tattooing is no different than that of the classic fine arts of painting, sculpting, music, ballet, opera, theater, wine making, culinary excellence and the like.
Parker has been Tattooing about six years but from looking at is work,one would think he was in his SIXTIETH year of tattooing.

It started with the will of some tattoo artists to free themselves from the codes of other styles and to give their creativity and imagination carte blanche.
He has put down his Tattoo gun to focus on other business ventures, but he will always be involved in the tattoo culture. The New Orleans native is a rising star in the tattoo industry and he is just as entertaining as he is talented. French are famous for their graphic tattoo, but also German and East countries, and their influence is spreading worldwide.
In some ways I totally understand wanting to be acknowledged for your artistic prowess and not the color of your skin. Sometimes African Americans doing things Blacks typically don't do is seen in the same vein.
Bernard Chang would be the new artist on Green Lantern Corps, and that DC would launch a 5th GL-centric title, LarFleeze, the Orange Lantern from Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins. From a logical point of view it's very rare that "White Tattoo artists" are referred to by their race.
In many ways I can understand why some Black Tattoo Artists feel marginalized by the label "Black Tattoo Artist. If you're black and you're also a tattoo artist then in fact you are A "BLACK TATTOO ARTIST". This is the first round of hopefully many more articles showcasing the multitude of talented Black tattoo artists around the globe.

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