The varied motifs are used to convey a person’s beliefs, aspirations or character traits, so that anyone seeing the tattoo can instantly recognize the meaning and what the wearer wants to convey. Originally, Japanese tattoos began as a way of displaying society status and to function as spiritual symbols to cast a charm for protection and to symbolize devotion. After World War II, tattoos were outlawed by the Emperor of Japan in an effort to improve Japan’s image in the west. Today many people around the world proudly wear Japanese style tattoos for their beautiful artistic merits, flowing composition, and the deep meaning associated with the many aspects of Japanese tattoo designs.
Come visit us to get your custom Japanese tattoo designed by one of our experienced tattoo artists, all of them do custom work and will create the design from the ideas you give them until your perfect tattoo design is ready to be inked. We use only medical grade sterilization and always new needles on every tattoo and piercing.
We would like to thank Horimyo for taking the time to talk to us and for allowing us to film his very personal work. If you would like to know more about Horimyo, see more of his work, or even talk to him about possibly creating a tattoo for you the next time you’re in Tokyo, please check out his official website.

1K Films is a full production independent video company working in both the US & Japan. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the Japanese tattooing tradition has survived for so long and attracted so many fans outside of Japan. They are beautiful tattoos that incorporate a complex mythological history and use vibrant, eye-catching colors.
They were later used as a form of punishment for prisoners of war, criminals, and slaves with the purpose of making their status in society instantly recognizable. Not too long after that, Japanese tattoos took on a criminal status, when the traditional Japanese tattoos were adopted by the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia.
While most tattoo artists today use tattoo machines, all of Horimyo’s art work is applied by his own hands. Tattoos have become very popular and it’s nice to see other people that have the same interest. One of the main characteristics of Japanese tattoos is that the themes and elements –or motifs- of these tattoos are quite similar among its different bearers, due to the fact that the elements in the design are intended to mean the same wherever they are used, making the themes more universal rather than unique.

This practice faded with time and tattoos returned as a status symbol among the merchant class. But this is changing nowadays, thanks to mayor of Osaka who in 2012 ordered its civil servants to reveal whether they wear a tattoo on visible parts of their bodies, and if they have them, they should remove them—or find work elsewhere. In recent years, many younger Japanese people have begun embracing tattoos as fashion statements, like people do in many western countries. He also took time to tell us about why he strongly believes in traditional Japanese tattoo and the power of art made by hand.
However, there remains a group of traditional Japanese tattoo artists who look at body art as something more than fashion – something spiritual and deeply personal.

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