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As the most storied tattoo state in the country, California is home to some of the most celebrated and diverse tattoo regions in the world. One of San Diego’s finest tattoo shops, Guru Tattoo is a premiere location for custom tattoo work in southern California. Doubling as an exemplary tattoo shop and medical grade piercing studio, Church of Steel prides itself on providing the safest, most sterile and comfortable environment for all your body mod needs, while promoting habits that ensure your satisfaction for years to come. Sister shop to Avalon Tattoo (also in San Diego), Avalon II is another extension of greatness in the San Diego tattoo scene. Almost always sunny and beautiful, San Diego is a prime destination for tourism, which translates to a lot of tattoo enthusiasts and clients from all walks of life looking for the best tattoo experience around. Remington Tattoo San Diego Tattoo Shop, is inspired by the love of art, tattooing and tradition. We take pride in the fact that each tattoo is unique and each Tattoo Artist will work to provide you with our best recommendations, honest opinions and ideas. We invite you to browse our Tattoo Shop Site to learn more about our work - check out our latest work - and learn more about the shop.

Check out our New Tattoos where you can see some of the things that don't make it to our portfolio, and also keep up to date to the latest in the shop. Los Angeles and Orange County are among the best tattoo counties in the state, but San Diego is right up there with some of the incredible talent and art they produce.
Run by acclaimed tattoo artist and 18 year veteran Aaron Della Vedova, Guru only seeks out the best talent, through a careful and thorough process, ensuring the tattoo shop only produces at the highest level. With fine art and painting draping the walls of the shop and talented tattoo artists at his helm, Colt has established a standard for San Diego tattoo shops and aims to continue the success he has had in Bearcat’s first year of operation. With over 21 years experience in the tattoo industry, Flip Buchanan decided to double up his operation in 1997, and specializes in a variety of styles, though he might be known more for his traditional Japanese style of work. The second you step your foot into the shop, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled through time with it’s signature 1940’s decor and old school atmosphere.
Check out these other San Diego tattoo shops and find the perfect tattoo artists for your next piece, big or small. We are proud to have some of San Diego'smost talented, experienced, and passionate custom tattoo artists. We encourage booking an appointment - but we also love to meet new clients, so if you are in the area, please stop by and say hello!

Below, you’ll find an introductory list to some of San Diego’s best tattoo shops, hopefully enlightening the public to the incredible creatives that work out of the area.
A serious shop for serious clients, Guru has been called home by some of the industry’s best and most creative tattoo artists, Paul Dhuey to name one, and focuses on creating some of the worlds most elaborate and cohesive tattoos. Having won countless awards from all over the world, Church of Steel is clearly doing something right and has stayed on top of the San Diego tattoo shop food chain.
Aside from awesome tattoo artists ranging in a array of styles, you can stop by Two Roses to get a professional haircut or straight razor shave.
With an eclectic roster of top tattoo talent from all over the world, San Diego is truly blessed to have such an incredible tattoo shop.

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