Skip is the owner of 1603 Tattoo & Piercing in the Historic District of Ybor City and has 20-years experience creating awarding winning body art from New York to Tampa Bay. A look at a wide assortment of Amy Winehouse tribute tattoos that people chose to put on their bodies. The Foundation for the Art and Science of Tattooing is a one-year old project that focuses on preserving willing participants tattoos after they’ve passed away. Adding some flare to a traditional tattooing device, the Handpoker is a 3D printed stainless steel implement of ink by the Brooklyn design studio Death at Sea. For our series, “FlashUs,” we ask some of our favorite tattoo artists to create a design based on a classic theme—naked ladies. Luckily I waited until I was 18 for my first tattoo and didn’t get any of the stupid stuff I wanted when I was young.

Tom tattoos out of One Shot Charlie’s in Stourbridge, UK, and you can follow him on instagram here. I used to buy every tattoo magazine I could just to see over the things tattooists were doing.
This week, Katya Krasnova sent us the above. Katya tattoos out of Kingdom Family in Kiev, Ukraine, and you can follow her here.
This week, Jessica Swaffer sent us the above. Jessica tattoos out of Chapel Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia, and you can follow her here.
This week, Karl Willmann sent us the above. Karl tattoos out of Melbourne Tattoo Company in Australia, and you can follow him here. This week, Tamara Santibanez sent us the above. Tamara tattoos out of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, and you can follow her here.

He told me what to change with my portfolio and when I came in next offered me an apprenticeship after seeing I could do what I was told. After 2 something years of mopping floors and another 2 of working as a full artist I’m here now. I try to put as much research into the subjects I tattoo as to not mess with anyone’s culture—especially with the Native American, which I use a lot in paintings and tattooing. No more leaving it outside… Shop at CKIE Tool Pen - Buy Now $75 Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror - Buy Now $310 Cup Holder Clip - Buy Now $22 Reveal Watch - Steel on Mesh - Buy Now $110Search About Yanko DesignWe’re an online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design.

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