Atlanta Boston Calgary Chicago Dallas Denver London Los Angeles Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington D.C. Brittan “London” Reese, 27, has become a household name in the tattoo community in the last few years. Most recently, London has launched “Prophets and Poets”, a collective made by artists, for artists, showcasing a wide range of world class art across all mediums.
Being able to adapt is an essential characteristic of a professional artist, and The Vatican strictly adheres to this policy; each artist is versatile, award winning, and able to work closely with their clientele to make for an incredible custom tattoo. Latisha Wood:  The youngest of seven, Latisha grew up in an artistic family, drawing influence from her mother and father.
Carlos Macedo:  Macedo made headlines when he inked a portrait of Barack Obama on the chest of rap artist The Game.
Rich Pineda (guest artist):  Getting his start through his friend Jeff Cooper in 2010, Pineda is a relative newcomer to the tattoo scene. It is here to stay and artists are only going to continue to push the limits of what is possible. I want to constantly progress as an artist and as a human and leave a positive mark on my family, as well as the tattoo industry.
Thanks for the interview London; Follow London Reese on his official website, and make sure to check out the rest of the fine tattoo artists at Vatican Studios.
Early on, he immersed himself in art via the influence of his mother, who was an artist as well.

Be it black and grey, realism, portraiture, Japanese, surrealism or script, Vatican arsenal of artists is unstoppable.
Specializing in Japanese style tattooing but not limiting his craft, Ullom has honed his overall skill to not exclude any style - an extremely versatile tattooer.
Each artist brings a unique background and perspective to the table, allowing the creative energy to constantly flow through the beautiful shop. After being crowned victor of the first season of Oxygen’s “Best Ink”, Reese was well on his way to becoming one of the best in the business. I believe the future will bring an entire collegiate level of tattooers, versed in the arts and biology. A one of a kind, custom tattoo studio, Vescovi tracks down only the best and most humble artists in the world for his shop.
After attending college for art, Reese began tattooing regularly and eventually landed a job under the renowned Mike Devries in 2009 where he worked until 2012.
Her career as an artist started out painting custom designs on motorcycles - her amazing skill was featured on Discovery Channel’s American Chopper for three years. Macedo’s attention to detail and shadow work evokes emotive expression, leaving a classic and timeless tattoo. When he’s not tattooing at The Vatican, he works out of Ghost Wolf Tattoo, also in Lake Forest, CA.
There are no ego’s here, just humble, talented artists working together to elevate tattooing to new heights.

When he’s not traveling all over the world or working in other artistic mediums, he operates out of Franco Vescovi’s Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA. In 2006, Wood painted a “Tattoo Bike” on TLC’s Miami Ink; she quickly realized that tattooing was her calling.
When he’s not guest spotting at Vatican, Rich works out of Liquid Tattoo in Yucca Valley, CA. When Franco’s cousin, Bean, was released from jail, he shared his recipe for a homemade tattoo machine, and with the help of his other cousin, Edwin, Franco set out on the uncertain path of tattooing. After apprenticing under Vescovi for two years, Wood was set on her way as a uniquely gifted tattooer. I realized, with the encouragement of friends at the end of high school, that I should try to learn how to tattoo. When not tattooing, Latisha paints a few custom bikes a year and runs a custom high heeled shoe business. After a few years of homemade tattooing, Vescovi got his hands on professional tattoo equipment, forever changing the course of his life. I am self taught, technically; but I learned the most by getting tattooed and asking a lot of questions and reading a lot of forums online.

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