With thousands of iPhone photo editing apps available on the App Store, it can be hard to know which ones are the best. That’s why I decided to write about the apps that are really the best in their class.
If I could only have one photography app on my iPhone, Snapseed would be the app that I’d use. Photoshop Touch has been available for the iPad for about a year now, and last month Adobe released an iPhone version as well. However, you can’t really expect the full Photoshop experience on your mobile device, and some key features (such as masks) are left out. Adobe has made a rather greedy decision to sell the iPhone version and the iPad version of Photoshop Touch separately.
Instafusion Image Blender the most popular photo combining app on the market at the moment and it’s available from the App Store!!!!
And if I’m being honest, one of my truly favorite things about camera phones are all the fun photo editing apps that are popping up right now! When to use it: This is a great little app for basic photo corrections like brightness, contrast, cropping, vibrance, warming and cooling. This powerful little app has wide variety features and filters for unique photo editing results. This app includes a powerful, full-featured camera as well, but I mostly use it for its multitude of gorgeous filters. This app has all your basic editing tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, crop and straighten, but my favorite feature is that you can selectively edit certain areas of your photo.
Applying lots of filters and edits to an already-low-quality camera photo can make any photo ultra grainy. With this app you can apply a standard circle or rectangle tilt-shift area, as well as a custom tilt-shift area — just use your finger to color in the area you want to stay in focus, and the rest will be softly out of focus. Honorable mention:  Finger Focus is another iPhone app you can use to apply a custom tilt-shift area. This amazing little app smooths and tones skin for a polished, airbrushed (but in a good way) look. If you’ve ever taken a photo and there’s just one little thing in it you wish you could erase, good news! This app is totally just for fun, definitely not a must-have, but if you love taking slow shutter photos with blurred car lights or soft waterfalls, you will love this app!

On the left is just a regular photo with the iPhone camera, and on the right is a photo taken with Slow Shutter.
This is another new-to-me app, but I am loving it’s huge variety of filters and features! If you want to know where to get the best shot, or where other people have taken cool photos near you, just open up this app, pull up your location, and search for photos in your area. I’m kevinandamanda on Instagram, if you find me, leave me a comment so I can start liking your photos too!
I hardly ever add text to my photos, but I feel like I should mention the two apps I have, just in case you’re into that sort of thing. If you look at the top photography apps on the App Store, you will find that the most popular apps, both paid and free, are not necessarily the best. In addition to basic photo editing functionality, Filterstorm offers several more advanced features that are presented in a beautiful user interface. If Photoshop is the software you use for your desktop photo editing, your can’t go wrong with Photoshop Touch for iPhone. Despite the missing features, Photoshop Touch is the best app for work with multiple layers on your mobile device. One of my favorite things to do is play around with photos and photo editing programs, whether they are on my phone or my computer.
Camera+ (which I mention next) is another app that will add vibrance, but I usually prefer BeFunky for vibrance because the Vibrance filter on Camera+ adds contrast as well.
I almost always take my photos with the iPhone camera, then open in Camera+ to add filters. With the paid upgrade feature of this app, you can use the powerful noise reduction tool to smooth the grain all away. The neat feature of this app is you can choose just how blurry you want your background to be — from just a little out of focus to a whole lot of bokeh!
Must have a steady surface to rest the camera — cannot hand-hold while shooting with this app. There are fun categories like HDR, Retro, Sketch, Colorful, and Magic Color (which will colorize just one color in the photo, while turning the rest black and white), and within those categories there are number of filters to choose from.
It will bring up a map or list of photos you can scroll through to find cool photos, and it will show you the exact location the photographer was standing when they took the photo. It’s a paid app, but then you can download as many filters as you want from their filter store.

These effects are controlled with innovative, easy-to-use real-time sliders, and they can be applied to the entire image or a part of it. Check out this iPhone photography video course for an in-depth coverage of everything you need to know about Snapseed. It’s one of the most powerful mobile image editors out there, and it also works great for basic editing needs. I love that I can snap, edit, and upload a photo to share with friends and family right away. But these new little phone editing apps make the whole process of editing and developing photos quick, easy and in the palm of your hand. With this app, simply trace over the blotch with your finger, press a button, and it magically erases the imperfection. I use this a lot to find cool places to take photos when traveling, like where to find the best spot to take sunset photos.
Instead of always buying the most popular apps on the App Store, stick to these time-tested classics. To get started with Filterstorm, check out these free video tutorials on the developer’s website.
It automatically takes two photos: one with the bright background perfectly exposed and one with the subject perfectly exposed. But as you can see in the photo, with Snapseed I was able to selectively saturate the rainbow and sky while the trees and street stay exactly the same. It’ll take photos of everything as you go and turn it into this fun, interactive panorama.
The photo above was made from two photos I took with my Canon 7D and loaded into the ProHDR app. Not only is it a camera and photo editing app, but Instagram is a whole community of bloggers and photographers sharing, commenting, and liking photos.
There are really expensive programs you can buy for your computer that will do this, but this little app works just as good if not better than any of ‘em!

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