Aztec warrior tattoo meaning – because they were warriors, they can only mean justice (like an indian chief) and power. If you know someone with an aztec tattoo (or maybe even you – share pictures please), share with us. Aztec warriors believed that the animal strength (the jaguar) would help them in battles and also they would be good at battles over night (because the jaguars hunt over night). I’ve also seen that some people are interested in getting their guerrero aguila tattoo.

Altough I don’t have any tattoos for Cuauhtemoc, there are plenty of people that get his tattoo on their arm or even on their back. Also, to become an Jaguar Aztec, you need to capture at least 12 enemies, but in only 2 battles. One of the meanings of an Cuauhtemoc tattoo could be: determination and power, but also aggressiveness. If you want more meaning for your next Aztec tattoo, read more about the Aztec mythology here.

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