The curvy negative spaces contrast with the richly detailed sun god, in this Aztec back tattoo. The densely inked design shows a woman wearing a traditional Aztec hat, and a man in an elaborate headdress. The Aztec sun god motif is surrounded by ornate double borders, in this enormous back tattoo design.
The skull wearing an elaborate headdress made of feathers, symbolizes the undying spirit of the Aztec warrior.
A squarish motif is placed at an angle over another squarish motif, in this decorative Aztec tattoo.
The fully armored Aztec warrior with an eagle over his head, is a symbol of intense courage.

All the ornamental aztec tattoos are very cute and looks awesome the tattoo design looks very cool. Afterlife Aztec Art tattoo is just great outcome of creativity and it looks very cool with that skull design. WOW all these ornamental aztec tattoo are simply amazing and nice and the Aztec Motif Red Patterns tattoo is my favorite one from these tattoo collection. The Aztecs had a well-developed tattoo art tradition, featuring their deep spiritual beliefs and cultural practices. The detailed images and symbols used in the designs, make Aztec tattoos popular in modern times.
From the powerful Aztec sun-god, to serpent gods, to the Aztec warrior, the designs feature various themes.

While a simple tattoo may feature a single element such as a godhead, in more elaborate tattoos, a godhead may be surrounded by decorative frames. Depending on the size of the design, an Aztec symbol can be inked on the arm, the leg, or the back.
Full back tattoos often feature a stunning view of the many creatures and gods of the Aztecs.

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