Different Fonts for Tattoo Lettering – Different fonts for tattoo lettering can be found by using your own word processing program or by looking for font add-ons via the internet.
Join Date Aug 2010 Posts 2,777 Blog Entries16 Tattoo Fonts, Tattoo Lettering & Tattoo Script A word, words, a phrase, phrases and all sorts of other tattoo variations and tattoo designs have revolved around this for a long time but it is extremely popular right now.
I love lettering and have for many many years so thought I would include a picture of my collar with script lettering done by Freddy Corbin many years ago at Temple Tattoo around when it first opened.

Tattoo Fonts for Girls often feature long stylish collections and huge shapes that show a mix of design and sensuousness. So when shopping for calligraphy style fonts for your lettering tattoo keep in mind there are literally hundreds available in this family.  Chances are you will want viewers of your body art to be able to read your “story” or the word you’ve chosen.

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