Of course the first motivation for someone to get an Aquarius tattoo could be to express their star sign whose characteristics include non-conformism, artistic creativity and communication skills. Those tattoo-lovers who want realism may ask their artist to use Japanese woodblock effects in preference to the old school jagged lines symbol common in the Zodiac. Aquarius tattoos for women cover various motifs – from the water-bearer, cups, amphorae or jugs, to the glyph resembling two parallel zigzag lines or waves. Indeed, if there’s one characteristic common for all Aquarians, it is that they have nothing in common.
Cute little Aquarius symbols can be put on your wrist or ankle, and they will draw everyone’s attention with their simple beauty.
The constellation of the Aquarius, according to the ancient Greek mythology, was created when Zeus, supreme lord of gods, put his beloved cup-bearer and lover Ganymede into the sky to save him from his jealous wife Hera.
Individuals coming under the Aquarius sign are loving, emotional and warm yet very intelligent.
All of these have found expression in Aquarius tattoos at various times and on various people. Many Aquarians wear a tattoo image of beautiful women bathing in the river or the ocean, fairies, stars, even the whole constellation of Aquarius.

It has been possible to combine all these facets into, for example, a tattoo of an armored man carrying water and stood upon the surface of Uranus while removing turquoise stones from his jug.
Alternatively go for a goldenrod or a dandelion, both of which are very interesting visually.
Aquarius women usually possess a mixture of certain characteristics such as honesty, wit, independence,  loyalty and so on, but there aren’t two combinations that are completely the same. All in all, if you believe in zodiac or you just like the symbolism of this sign, find a place on your body for the Aquarius tattoos for women. These tattoos highlight the positive sides of the wearer’s characters including their hard working capacity and excellent leadership skills. For something really exotic why not plump for a bird of paradise which looks very much as its name suggests. However, when discussing the Aquarius tattoos for women, we have to bear in mind that although many Aquarians like the symbolism their star sign carries, it’s impossible to convince them to choose a tattoo right from the catalogue. Check out the following collection as it includes some striking Aquarius tattoo designs suitable for all. They are very original and creative, so they may use a catalogue only as an inspiration for their own designs, but they will never accept someone else’s idea of how a women Aquarius tattoo should look like.

To protect Ganymede from his wife, Zeus put him among the stars as the Aquarius – the water-bearer. The collection includes many tattoo ideas based on beautiful shades of green and blue to bring out the Water Bearer theme of the Zodiac sign. The interpretations of these symbols are endless, so are the ideas for Aquarius tattoos for women. Aware of this fact we hope that you, dear Aquarians, will consider the ideas given bellow as good basics for the Aquarius tattoos for women that suit you. As you click through our galleries, you will see all kinds of tattoo options, from simple to 3D. Remember, the more information you can provide your artist with, the more likely you will adore your latest tattoo when it is finished.

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