Angel tattoos come in many different forms, sizes and colours, making them popular for both men and women alike. The Guardian Angel: This is perhaps the most common form of angel that people feel connected to.
Fallen Angels: These display the battle between good and angel, and can represent a similar struggle in the wearers life.
Religious Depictions: The tattoo you choose should have deep meaning for you, which is why many go for religious symbols.

The angel is primarily connected to religion, being a messenger sent down to deliver the word of God to humankind. Archangels are the closest to God, and are often depicted as soldiers, whereas cherubs are the angels of love. A guardian angel could be a friend who was with you throughout hard times, or it could simply be a strength that you find within yourself. The angel you choose will often have a close personal reflection to the events that have shaped your life, and the names of loved ones are often added to tattoos of cupid.

In recent years celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and David Beckham have embraced the angel design in their tattoos.

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