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After some rumours, Ubisoft has finally confirmed ZombiU is now coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Previously a flagship product for the Nintendo Wii U console, Zombi will have improved mechanics and upgraded visuals for the current gen line of consoles and PC.
The nail-biting survival experience of ZombiU™ has been upgraded for download on next-gen consoles and PC.
What remains to be seen from the trailer is how Ubisoft will replace the WiiU gamepad and it’s functionality. Evolution Studios is currently implementing a "significant" DriveClub server upgrade which should, fingers crossed, pave the way for the long overdue PlayStation Plus version.
It's a busy day for the Runcorn-based developer, as it's also set to drop the title's latest patch. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. I haven't been actively waiting for it, as I've been of course playing other games, but I have actually been holding off on purchasing the game because I want to try out the PS+ version first.
The Plus version of the game better have more than it was going to intially after all this time.
The Zombie apocalypse has fallen upon England in the streets of London and your mission is to basically survive. ZombiU starts off with The Prepper saving your life leading you to a safe house underground in the subway. When you die your previous survivor has become infected and is carrying all your loot in their backpack. Apart from your standard game play through allowing you to choose from two difficulties, Chicken and normal you also have the survival mode.
ZombiU has a system called “Blacklight” which allows you to use graffiti (a series of symbols) in the game world to leave messages that can be scanned and read by other players. Killing Box is where the survivor must defend himself against the Zombie King’s horde of zombies. Survival Mode ranks players by how long they can survive against the Zombie King’s attacks, Surviving horde after horde. Warhammer 40,000 Regicide will be having a full official release on Steam release on August 26. The game will include a 50 mission Single-Player campaign, an Armory, and a new unit upgrade system. They have also added more languages, which includes Russian, German, French, and more languages still to be announced.
If you want to try out the game a little early then had over to Steam where they have it in Early Access. The stand-out WiiU launch title ZombiU is getting a slight name change to Zombi, a graphical upgrade, and is headed to current gen systems and the PC this Summer. ZOMBI takes the power of the latest generation of hardware to bring you a new level of horror. A huge portion of the tense nature of the WiiU version came from having to look down at the gamepad to manage inventory, while the the world on screen did not pause. Writing on the game's official Facebook page, the studio stressed that the systems powering the title's innovative Challenges system are being "replaced and upgraded" as we type.

This will implement various changes to the aforementioned Challenges mode, made possible due to the upgraded servers. But this is indeed good news, albeit it took a while for us to hear good news about it, lol. We are a group of gamers that deliver our video gaming Podcast featuring the latest video game industry news. You receive guidance from The Prepper who is a survival expert that has been prepared for this very outbreak. This may become difficult to recollect all your items because if you died from two zombies there will now be three, therefore leaving you with an option to either try again or loose your items. So while you’re equipping your newly found rifle a zombie may just sneak up behind you.  You are also faced with many situations where you must tap the gamepad over and over to unlock a door, open a new shortcut or even quickly put in a security code that just happens to be missing a number. Survival mode is where you have the one character and must survive as long as possible in the attempt to finish the game. Once a player has become infected and died your friends will be notified and they are able to go there and put your old survivor out of its misery allowing them to loot your gear. One character will play as “The King of Zombies” on the gamepad the other player being the survivor.
The survivor must capture each flag point while surviving against the Zombie King’s attacks.
The survivor must take out as many zombies to achieve his highest score before the Zombie King eventually takes him out.
Everything is dark and gloomy which makes it very difficult to play with, although it adds a lot of effect to the personal experience.
ZombiU has a lot of scary moments that make your heart race and by the time you have finally calmed down your jumping out of your seat again. Test your will to survive, but beware: death is permanent, and one wrong move can cause you to lose everything.
This is bad news for existing players as you may lose some progress in ongoing online events – but obviously this minor inconvenience will result in a net positive for everyone. It will also incorporate several major technical improvements, while adding more #PS4Share pictures to the menu screen.
I guess they are worried a lot of people would just race amongst their friends given the option. The Prepper will often talk to you about where to go and what to do but he is not very instructive and when anything juicy starts to happen in the storyline he often stops talking. With your Wii U pad you can scan around your location and analyse items you can loot, hack doors to unlock them or hack the CCTV to gain a rough location. Although when in a tight situation you may come across, flares, grenades or mines which may just help you take out that horde of zombies blocking your way. If you make one stupid mistake or don’t check that one corner then BAM it’s all over forever and the last thing you see are the credits. Each player has their own set of challenges in which to win the match.  Surviving against the Zombie King’s Bombers can be a real challenge. The Zombie King’s objective is not only to distract, kill or stop the survivor but to use his own minions to capture his own flags. The details put into the zombies is pretty amazing but when you are whacking them with your bat or shooting them in the head it’s very repetitive and looks the same.

I am not easily scared but haven’t felt this way about any horror game on any console in a long time. Allowing the King of Zombies to place zombie hordes at different locations on the map for the survivor to defeat.
And I am not even pissed that it will finally get a + version now that I spent money on it, because, hey, welcome to this wonderful game all our future Drive Club members! Walker who is hard at work in the lab attempting to find a cure for the zombie virus and Sandra the leader of the secret group called “The Ravens of Dee”. Although one bonus about dying is whatever zombie you killed on the way remains dead but as time goes by or you travel to new locations zombies will slowly repopulate that area. The slightest touch and it can all be over then again he might explode and destroy all the nearby zombies letting you take advantage. Now, nearly 30 years later gamers will have the opportunity to play the newest iteration of that namesake, Zombi, on PS4, Xbox One and PC with full HD visuals.
Depending on who you side with your goals may change from simply escaping and leaving everything behind or attempting to cure everybody.
The Prepper has constructed a device for you which becomes the Wii U gamepads main interface. It is difficult to take on barley any more than two zombies at a time as it can take up to 4-6 hits with your cricket bat just to take out one, if you’re lucky. Although there is a lot of blood everything seems to blend together in the landscape making it easy to get lost. Each level up on the Gamepad allows the King of Zombies to upgrade the types of zombies on the field and increase the damage or capacity on the map at a given time.
Ammo for the survivor is unlimited but there is a respawn time for each item that is picked up.
To make things worse your map picks up birds and rats which may become frightening when you see a dozen red markers running at you.
Sometimes the safe house will be attacked by a horde of zombies leaving you too defend yourself.
Sudden alarms doors going off, birds flying at you and the creeping eerie sounds lurking in the dark almost sound realistic.
Types of zombies for the fist five levels, include a stationary zombie, which only comes after the survivor when the player runs into its field of vison.
An armored zombie with full police gear that can take up to three rounds or more to defeat.
Because of the angle of the wii remote shooting down while on a ramp can be difficult but if you have the Wii U Pro controller it can help for some. Headshots can be more difficult then if the player is using the Wii U Nunchuck the remote will auto aim.

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