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Le premier DLC de Black Ops 2 va sortir le 29 janvier, oui enfin nous avons la date de sortie! C'es chiant pour les possesseur ps3 car on doit toujours attendre 1 mois apres la xbox a quoi ca sert d'acheter le seanson pass alors? Uprising, Call of Duty Black Ops II’s newest offering may well be the best DLC pack yet. When the community cried out for more Nuketown, Treyarch delivered MOAR NUKETOWN, in the form of Nuketown 2012 and Nuketown Zombies. Both Encore and Vertigo are a strong second for my attention, since they have the same feel as maps from the first Black Ops.
Vertigo is a solid departure from stock maps, since it includes a lot of indoor, cross-building firing with a ton of perimeter skirmishes (a la Hijacked), but it takes it a step further by allowing you to leap from a picture window on to a hanging ladder, to (sometimes) get the drop on the enemy. Anyway, unlike the other less story-driven zombie levels, Mob of the Dead tells the tale of a group of four prohibition era inmates who are staging a breakout, when suddenly the island goes apeshit. I might be going out on a limb here, but I think Mob of the Dead may be the best Zombies level made yet.

But if you take away all of the doodads, explosions and scale models, you’ll notice that Studio has the exact  same layout as Firing Range, just with 200 times the fun!
The setting of Encore is an evacuated concert in the UK, and the tents, walkways and tunnels are reminiscent of Launch from Black Ops. Of course, it’s always a gamble because there could be a shotgun waiting for you when you pop up. Like Call of the Dead was in the first Black Ops, Mob of the Dead is a star studded, zombie slaying outing, starring the vocal talents of Ray Liotta, Chazz Palmenteri, Joe Pantoliano and Michael Madsen. Sure, there’s the standard glut of zombies, but the forced close-quarters movements on the catwalks of Broadway, or the claustrophobic staircases that show up both in the Block and at the Docks is enough to give you the heebie jeebies. There’s a decently compelling storyline, a top-notch cast, clever reworkings of classic themes into the Prohibition-era settings and IT TAKES PLACE IN ALCATRAZ! If you were waiting to jump on the Season Pass bandwagon, or if you’re just looking to get one DLC pack, Uprising is it. In this mode, you can float through walls, use shock to teleport zombies to another area, use shock to power electronics or simply revive your own body.

It can get annoying, especially in firefights that are down to the wire, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as shotgunning an enemy into lava.
Oh and you know that guy in your party who keeps hitting the mystery box “because he can”?
Though it seems like a gimmick, there are points in the story where you’ll have to turn spectral, either to unlock a door, drop a key or aid your team. Sure, the other DLC packs thus far have been pretty good…heck, my go-to maps were French Alps and Grind. In the playthroughs we did, we noticed a direct correlation between Warden appearances and mystery box buy-ins. If you wanna take him out, either use the Death Machine or the Ray Gun…everything else takes entirely too long.

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