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The sheer popularity of Minecraft on the Xbox 360, which saw millions of creators purchasing a copy, was undoubtedly a major contributing factor as to why Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is a thing.
Xbox, Xbox Live, and all other Xbox Live specific terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. There were at least 6 images in here I wanted to use as a header, but how can I resist this incredible piratey pony?
Those who are doubtlessly demonic can cast a bid for the chance to race with bib number 666 pinned proudly to their shirt.

The overall quantity of news for the game hasn't been extraordinarily high, but then again, Mojang has done a great job of answering the types of questions that many undoubtedly had about it. Discovered the incredible world of video games at a young age with Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf, and haven't looked back since. For instance, we already know that saves will transfer from the 360 to the One, and other relevant details such as a release window, and a discounted price to upgrade for those who have already purchased Minecraft on the Xbox 360 have also been shared. Outside of gaming, I'm usually found reading up on various history topics or rooting for the lowly Buffalo Bills and Sabres.

This time around there may not be any more meaty details, but these screens do give a glimpse of a pretty spectacularly-made castle, as well as a shot of the vastness of the world itself.

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