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Did some tweaking to the Multiple Zombies.Our donation goal timeline for this month is almost up, we are still $55 short!
Updated all plugins to their latest versions.Wiki currently undergoing updates and modifications. Updated Mcmyadmin.Increased Server Ram and Disk Space.Surprise mega update coming soon - in the form of a Custom Plugin developed by SabledNah - Maker of Mob Health!
I'm not sure if the map you spawn in resets but when I walked out of spawn all I saw was stone floating everywhere, and barely any outlines of buildings, and I couldn't even explore the map because the ground is almost gone. Many of our Plugins are completely custom, however some popular plugins we use are;Essentials, HawkEye, and Factions.
Mr Jordans Ban Appeal on our forums : Why should you be given another chance on our Servers?Because I have been gone for a month now and dearly miss the servers.

There are tons of films about it, as well as books or video games depicting that mythological corpse-reanimated creature and, more than that, the eventuality of a “Zombie apocalypse” striking our world. You however are more than welcome to play!Additional NotesJoin a server that will truly get your blood pumping and send shivers down your back. That is to say, this dreamlike, for some, or nightmarish for others, fantasy explains the extreme popularity of that sorts of stuff that can also be seen online with websites such as a Zombie survival wiki or websites selling perfect weapons for a zombie day.
Our server is professionally designed to guarantee the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Experience! I love helping people, and enjoy assisting and taking major roles in the development and servers.
I have been a long time member now, and i have not once seen anything that jordan is describing.

Zombie health raised from 25 to 28 (To help compensate only zombies being around during the day.
Even if you guys deny it I will still respect you as a community, no matter what I think you guys are doing wrong.

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