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We have teamed up with Virgin Trains’ ‘Don’t Go Zombie’ Google Street View game to offer readers the chance to win ?100 Amazon voucher.
For a chance to win Night of the Living Trekkies just tell us who would win in a fight, zombie Kirk or zombie Picard and why? Win Capcom's latest zombie game, Dead Rising 2, by simply telling us what your ultimate combo weapon would be. At some point, cord is going to be essential for your survival in the zombie-infested world of tomorrow and you’ll be glad you learned how to make your own. Often called the bible of zombie survival, do you think you know enough of it’s teachings to survive a zombie apocalypse? According to Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide what is the most likely type of zombie you will encounter?
The reasoning in The Zombie Survival Guide suggests that which of the following is the zombies weakest sense?

In The Zombie Survival Guide what name is given to the virus that turns people into zombies? Which of these is not a general rule for living in an undead world, according to The Zombie Survival Guide?
If available, what does The Zombie Survival Guide recommend as the best close combat weapon? Remember and copy the badge to put on your website and show everyone why they’d want to hang out with you when the zombies come. If you need to brush up on your knowledge you can always buy a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide from Amazon below. Love zombies, but can't quite find enough satisfaction in those simple quizzes with the same rehashed questions that are never a challenge? So, im sure most of you will have seen or palyed the Zombie Survival Quiz (Here), and if not..

I got a z+, which is apprently good, as Dr Bizmoe says:Your knowledge, strength and will to survive are unstoppable. I got C's on Mental and Physical strength, and F's on Experience and Emotional Ratings, but I still got a Z+ on Survival rank. That was a good quiz as each section was pretty accurate in each individual section, but I found it too easy to get Z+ as from what I've heard nearly everyone has. How many of you actually have enough preserved food for a week, own and can operate and maintain a firearm, have a home that can be fortified at a moments notice and own the tools needed to fortify it, and are in a good enough shape to combat the living dead?

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