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It's like pandora but 100x better by K Munnie Fewer and smaller ads, promotes independent artists and helps get them publicity while still playing whatever music you choose.
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The game does crash once in a while so that is minor problem, but it is a fun bowling game where you can play against anyone in the world and even make bets to earn some cash.
Wish makes it easy and simple to browse different categories, particularly clothes, create a wishlist, and buy it all instantly with included coupons.
They are always friendly and helpful.Amazing by Scooby and kitty We've been using Jango on our PC forever. It sports a fantastic interface and it is one of the best Google Wallet integrated apps I've ever seen if you use it. You even have more skips!????????????Best streaming app in my opinion…but by Bacongames This app works really well it's like you take Pandora and you have the features of premium for free like unlimited skips. But this is where the app loses me a bit recently the app slows to a crawl very often now.This is a great app?? by Dabull23 This app is really good you can listen to any kind of music you wantAmazeballsO?O?O?O??? by Nettababy?? App works great and has a sleep timer so it does play while im using it, i love it!!!LOVE!!!???? by Horses811 I absolutely love this app.

Not to be rude to other music playing apps but this one is so much better than all of them. If I had 6 stars this app would deserve them all but I only have five so I guess that's good enough ?????? by Dcdeg I am completely happy with this radio app.
I found a great replacement!Game by Ethan896 This app is great the only thing i felt that was rong is you can't skip backShuffle by Satisfied but not Newer to the app.
Unlimited skips, only tiny banner ads on screen, plays "up and coming musicians", and let's you create your own playlists.
It's a good app, just not what I was searching for.Didn't open the app yet by Anonymous use 1356825 Do u need wifi to play the musicNo commercials! Thanks Jango gang!Best music app by Carolinagurl84 I personally have used both Pandora and Spotify, It's a great mix of the two. The quality is great, and it's definitely become my app of choice for music.Please Read!!!!
Now, all the songs are the same from yesterday and seems like there is a limit somewhere because after about 10 songs, everything starts repeating on all my stations.

And I can predict what the first song will be for any station, same as yesterday or last week. There are better apps.Jango is cool by Cameron554 Just awesomeI love this friendly people 5 star service by Jake70000 So I needed help and I could not get it to work so I emailed them they did help me now I can play music. Random crashes, the music stops and won't continue until you turn on your phone, and it gets buggy when you try to skip some songs. Those are the only reasons I don't give 5 stars for this appnot worth it by bk2018 I love the fact it has free skips and everything but sound quality isn't that great.

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