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Wer kann schon etwas mit Google Maps anfangen, wenn die Apokalypse uber uns hereingebrochen ist und blutrunstige Zombies auf der Erde ihr Unheil treiben? Wo ist der nachste Einkaufsladen, um sich ein paar weitere Tage mit Lebensmitteln einzudecken, wo ein Outdoor-Store, der Equipment fur das Uberleben jenseits der stadtischen Zivilisation vereinfacht?
Die Zombie Survival Map, hergestellt von einem ominosen Jeff von der Serviceagentur doejo in Chicago, zeigt uns all jene Orte und gibt noch dazu Auskunft daruber, welche Bereiche auf der Karte Gefahrenzonen sind und welche vermeintlich sicher. When they come, there will be lots of them and they have appetites incapable of being spoiled.
Using Google Maps API, Map of the Dead displays a color-coded key of all of the necessary locations you need to know about in order to survive in a world of zombies. The map identifies danger zones, which are described as areas having a high risk of zombie infestation due to the presence of man-made structures. Cleverly, you can also download a copy to print off and store away in a safe place because, really, if the zombie uprising jumps off, do you think they’re going to provide very reliable IT support?
As things go, it appears that Central and South America as well as most of Asia and Africa will be largely unaffected by the zombie populations, so in lieu of risking your life and fighting off the legions of undead, you could always just put some money aside and jet down there at the first sign of trouble. The City is drown in the earth.You need to get all 12 ender eyes, then you will open the end portal,but in houses are zombies.
It's well known horror film fact that when a zombie apocalypse arrives, those who want to see off the army of the undead need a variety of supplies to survive. Nearby medical care, weapons and nutrition are the key concerns for anyone hoping to successfully avoid being feasted on by rampant zombie legions.
Now, should any remaining humans be overcome by confusion or panic during the zombie invasion, a unique world map has been created detailing all the key locations people need to survive. Mapped out in an ominous black and red colour scheme, the map, the map shows the nearest location for key locations in the fight against zombies, such as convenience stores, gun shops, and hardware stores.

Usefully, it also points out liquor stores, shopping malls, military facilities and police stations.
Cemeteries and campsites, stock locations for many zombie films, are also included, along with hospitals, airports, radio towers, outdoor stores, and harbours. The selection of locations also features tongue-in-cheek descriptions so users can assess the usefulness of each category. The convenience store, for example, is described as being 'likely to have snacks and non-perishables.
At first you start out without no weapons so you must scavenge and fight for supply crates and nearby shacks as you fight off hordes of zombies in a custom built landscape full of secrets. Die Zombie Survival Map versorgt uns in einem solchen Fall mit den notigsten Informationen, die zum Uberleben notwendig sind.
Informationen uber die am nahesten gelegenen Hafen und Flugplatze, Militarstutzpunkte und Polizeistationen sind in Krisenzeiten Gold wert. Rot gekennzeichnete Landstriche deuten stark auf menschengemachte Strukturen hin und sind damit gefahrlich, abgelegenere Orte sind sicherer, aber dafur kaum mit wichtigen Versorgungspunkten versehen. Ein Abgleich nach Keywords und Kategorien mit der Google Places API liefert praktische Anlaufstellen fur die Postapokalypse.
Worse, we remaining humans will find ourselves bereft of all reliable resources for our survival.
Everything from military resources and cemeteries to pharmacies and liquor stores are included in the map so you’ll be able to find the closest supplier for your needs whenever you run out of something. If you’re to go by what the map tells you, zombies are a cosmopolitan class of monsters who only want to hang out in well-developed cities. Canada, oddly enough, seems to be of no regard to zombies as the country appears to be zombie-free.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Am besten wir drucken uns gleich den passenden Kartenausschnitt aus, um uns im Ernstfall auch ohne Netzwerk durchschlagen zu konnen. Nicht zu vergessen Tankstellen, die uns mit dem letzten verfugbaren Treibstoff fur die Generatoren versorgen, Apotheken und Arztpraxen fur die medizinische Selbstversorgung und Funkstationen, die den letzten Hoffnungsschimmer auf Kontaktaufnahme zu Mituberlebenden darstellen. Logischerweise wird nur dort auf der Map of the Dead etwas angezeigt, wo auch Daten bei Google Places hinterlegt sind. As you can see below, if you cross the river over into that charcoal-colored area of wilderness on the map you’ll be safely beyond the reach of the zombies’ clutches.
Cuba, however, seems to have a zombie problem, which figures – will there ever be a time when it’s okay for Americans to safely travel to Cuba again?
Da die Keywords auf Englisch hinterlegt sind, kann es in nicht englischsprachigen Gebieten zu Unstimmigkeiten kommen.
However, all of the resources you need are still on the zombie side of the river, so… pack up before you go, I guess? Am besten funktioniert die Flucht vor der Zombie-Invasion neuesten Versionen des Chrome oder Safari Browsers. Ubrigens: Der Zombie-Horror soll weitergehen - ein entsprechendes Multiplayer Spiel ist bereits angekundigt.

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