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Tagged animation, awesome, cartoon, collectable, comic, cool, cult, Lego, Marvel, Marvel Zombies, model, toys, zombie. Comic giants Marvel did a series of zombie comics based on their iconic characters and now they’ve been turned into toys. The Gerber Gear is an arsenal of survival weapons which were introduced when Carl Grimes found them next to a man in a truck on the Vehicle Jammed Highway in the episode "What Lies Ahead" of Season 2.

You can have a scour across the expanse of the Internet desert and try and pick some up yourself , but they’re quite pricey. From movie and video game reviews, to survival strategies and bug out bags, we've got you covered so you can be prepared for the zombie apocalypse! Similar to the bag of guns, it was distributed to the survivors to be used, most notably Glenn, Daryl, and Lori.

Instead just print a picture of them off, stick it on yer wall and spend the money you would have spent on them on booze instead.

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