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With Season 4 of The Walking Dead now on our screens we thought we had better build a new survival kit for zombie fans. Chosen for its blistering 248 FPS power and relative ease of hand cocking for quick re loads. Pretty much everything you need to survive the apocalypse bar a set of balls and a will to live. The second half Season 3 The Walking dead is back on the TV so we are bringing back the Apocalypse kit.
An extra pack of 6 x 17" bolts, a pack of three broadhead arrow tips and a cocking rope to make a quick reload stress-free.
The MACHETE - Again I love it, SO LIGHT with a lovley grip, however its still a powerful blade I like it alot. As for the site itself im well chuffed, very nice site as you can see, and great delivery will deffiantly be using again! 4 the machete is super cool feels awesome and is strong enough to help in the garden it even comes with a sharpening stone! 5 I''m now ready for zombies so that''s 5 stars at a bargin price and super fast delivery!!! First off the crossbow, absolutely amazing, even after watching videos on the internet I was still stunned at the sheer power of it!

With season 5 now on we decided to do a super special offer kit comprising the three most essential weapons any budding zombie slayer will need. A top of the range Gerber Gator Kukri machete, the Kukri blade is one of the best choppers and hackers for its size. Just print out the toppers, cut them out and slip the ones you like between the jar lid and the jar ring. Here is an example of another container option that uses only 4 superhero jar toppers, and larger pint sized mason jars. We wanted to get them to print this upside down so you could just look down and know what items you're missing, sadly you'll just need to bring a friend to read it to you. I don't need to tell you about the Jaguar crossbow as I'm sure you have already read the other reviews about how it is a great starter bow for a newbie like me. We’re cutting it close to Dad’s Big Day, but this is actually a very easy gift to create! Luckily, I found this great box at Michael’s craft store that holds 12 small mason jars in it perfectly. Ridemakerz are awesome because you get to build your dream car and add accessories to make it one of a kind.
First shot went straight through some ply wood and cardboard I was using and into the recycling bin!

The printable has paper bands you can use to cover Jarritos or other soda bottles, and a printable card that says ?Feliz Dia de Los Padres! If there really was a Zombie Apocalypse and I could only grab one thing from this kit as I ran out the door it would be the Kukri. I got an overwhelming response from people asking for a superhero theme this year, so that’s what I went with.
It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, very well made and looks like it could do some damage. Here is the Superhero Father’s Day Kit with free printable that I designed for our dad this year. I'm only going to give four stars as I think that the bow should have come with a quiver and sling. Don't get me wrong, this is a great high value bundle that I will get enjoyment out of for years to come and the customer service from Blades & Bows is top notch. I called up the day of ordering to discuss some concerns I had with the packaging and the friendly young lady on the other end was only too happy to help.

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