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Non-GMO:  GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds may not be able to be to be saved (from crops you grow) and replanted, which means you have to buy new seeds every year.
Heirloom seeds: These seeds were open-pollinated and come from plants grown by previous generations of gardeners.
So you’ve bought your seed packets and put them on a shelf with the rest of your apocalypse survival kit. Another thing to consider for your apocalypse survival kit is adding some extra seeds for sprouting.
Sprouts can also be grown from broccoli, cauliflower, kale, clover, sunflower, mustard, lentils, and soy beans.

All you need is a container that can be covered with a paper towel and rubber-banded (or a lid that can be vented) and water. They can help you weather a natural disaster or food shortage even if it doesn’t involve the end of the world as we know it. An important aspect to keep in mind when purchasing survival seeds is that they’re non-gmo and heirloom seeds.
GMO seeds are also chemically and genetically modified, meaning that they’re not natural and could pose potential health problems. Whether they are sealed air tight or not, you still need to keep them in a place where there is minimal moisture and the temperature is less than 70 degrees.

If you are going to feed your family after the apocalypse or natural disaster, it might involve more than one growing season. Ideally, they should be ready on the third day, but you can probably eat them on day 2 if you need to.

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