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20.07.2016 admin
Both bills have such ambiguous wording that sites could be blocked or shut down for the smallest things. We think it’s absolutely ludicrous that this bill is even a matter of discussion in Congress and even more ridiculous that is has even some likelihood of passing.
A few members of Congress and even Vice President Joe Biden have opposed one or both of acts and actually have begun drafting a more reasonable act.

By the way if you are looking for the best party bus in Baton Rouge please give us a call at Cajun Country. Congress is considering bills that could and probably WILL shut down many of the sites we love.
The Protect IP Act, mainly backed by large Hollywood companies, would give all copyright owners the right to also apply copyright infringement on everything from a link placed on the site to the site in entirety causing it to be shut down.

Changing the way the internet works for a select few will in no way make it safer in the long run.

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