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I had a chance to check out Sony Online Entertainment's zombie survival MMO, and witness some brutal survival situations during a live gameplay demo.
Vampire Zombies Hannibal “Cannibal” Lecter Returns     Zombie U      Dead Al Qaeda Leader Zombie? Zombie Obstacle Course     Miami: Land of the Zombies      Marijuana Zombie     Zombie Road Signs? I wandered through a desolate post-apocalyptic world, using the game's discovery system to unlock essential crafting recipes.

From wolf steak to dew catchers, the character was constantly tested to keep up health, water, and hunger values.
After slugging down several bottles of dirty water scooped up from a lake (adds hydration but depletes health), I stumbled upon a car and proceeded to drive over a legion of zombies.
While vehicular zombslaughter is an effective method of dealing with the undead uprising, it does damage the integrity of the vehicle and renders it useless over time. I used planks and wood logs to construct a makeshift base, again using the discovery system to unlock new recipes.

Currently players drop everything on death, but unlocked discoveries provide some form of permanent progression even if players lose all of their materials or home.A swarm of zombies during a scavenging run was dispatched with an assault rifle, but the noise from the gun just brought more ghouls to the party. High-power weapons like the assault rifle are not available through crafting, so they must be found.

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