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Here’s a question you may have never asked yourself: do I know how to survive a zombie apocalypse? The first step of survival preparation is having all your supplies packed and ready to grab at a moment’s notice. It’s easier said than done, but a debris hut can be worthwhile effort in surviving the elements. Foraging for eatable vegetation, berries, etc can also be a great option depending on your area.
During a zombie outbreak or other natural disaster, seeking out other survivors can be a double edged sword.
The first step is likely the most chaotic and the most critical moment in your zombie survival. Second – Get something to carry stuff in, best thing to get would be a back pack with lots of components that securely straps on (the kind with the snaps in the front as well as shoulder straps).
Fundamentally at this point you have two choices to make, try and survive on your own or look for any possible military ran colonies.
The choice you make comes down to what you think is best at this stage of the game which is impossible to predict at this point. I think probably the most important thing you could do in a zombie outbreak is get up high or underground.
I heard once that pie was actually a good defense against zombies – has this theory been tested yet? I don’t think a pie would do good if you watch zombie movies they can get shot in the sholder, Waist chopped off, Cut open but all that works it shoting,stabing in the head a pie is like a pillow.
Since most of us don’t have a bunker to hide in and we have to go on with our daily lives, we might as well try to have some fun with it. James lives in California, but grew up on the East Coast where he received a BS and an MBA with specialization in Financial Management. With zombies slowly creeping their way into every corner of popular culture, it’s a hypothetical situation that can put your survival knowledge to the test.
The ideal emergency pack has supplies that last at least 72 hours, or three days, in a backpack. Have a pre-dertermained destination meet up for you and your family to meet up in case of an emergency, and plan a few safe routes to get there. Not only is staying in shape good in the event of a zombie apocalypse, but leading a health active lifestyle is beneficial to your everyday life as well, zombies or not. Initially staying in your home might be a good choice, but you’ll want to move out of populated areas sooner rather than later. According to the Rule of 3s, getting caught in harsh weather for around 3 hours without a shelter can mean the end for you. If you’re still near any urban areas, you can try to scavenge for food in stores, schools, and other buildings. But your best method of survival should you encounter a zombie (or other hostile persons) is avoidance.

Boiling water to purify it, cooking, and keeping warm all depend on your ability to create fire. Finding a military or humanitarian controlled safety zone with supplies and shelter can be a lifesaver.
You woke up one morning to discover that most of the world became zombies while you were sleeping!
Many survivors will try to make it in this post apocalyptic world but only the strong, skilled and intelligent will survive.
It’s at this stage you’re mostly likely to get bit but you must stay calm and think fast! Whatever you choose it needs to be easy to lug around especially in heated engagements with the undead. You made it past all the chaos and blood curdling murder taking place and found a safe haven, at least for now. Scavenging when it’s safe will only work for so long and is pretty dangerous in any area with a decent size population. If the movies have taught us anything the strategy will be save whomever they can as quickly as possible then bomb or even nuke the whole area. If you have any type of competency in self-survival I suggest doing it on your own or with a small group of people.
In this zombified world you have to resort to basic survival instincts but at the same time preserve your humanity which in some circumstances will be tough! 28 days later,reminded me of how things would be in a military environment l Would die before I let harm of any form come to them. Have you read the Zombie Survival Guide and Zombie Combat Manual in preparation for the battle with the undead? Prior to joining GeekAlerts, he worked as a financial manager for a high-end estate planning firm.
Keep in mind that highways, trains and other urban transportation areas will become parking lots with everyone trying to escape (aka zombie buffets) during an emergency, so plan your escape route accordingly. If your shelter or initial place for survival is somewhere with plumbing, fill every and any container you can with tap water including bathtubs, sinks, garbage bags ,etc.
Assuming that you’ve moved away from urban areas or man-made structures to avoid the zombie hordes, building your own shelter may be your only option. But be careful: the undead will most likely still be in these areas, as will other survivors that may want to take your stuff. All it takes is a few poisonous berries and all your zombie survival skills will be for naught. Insects can almost always be found in the wilderness (except for winter) and have great nutritional value.
But keep in mind encountering desperate survivors that may want to take your supplies is also a risk. This article is to help as many people as possible live and overcome the zombie population so they can regroup and begin the important task of repopulating the earth.

To survive this stage you must be on high alert and cunning as not to get spotted by zombies, the last thing you want is for these brain eaters to know where you are.
Assuming that you are in a populated area you’ll need to consider somehow getting the heck out of there.
A military protected camp will be much safer on a superficial level but you always have to weigh the possibility that if a threat broke out at the camp you’d be back a square one. While today’s post is for survival with zombies in mind, these tips can be applied to any natural disaster or survival situation. The Rule of 3 lists the most important factors of survival, and how long you can survive without them. Acorns provide great nutritional value, provided you soak, boil or otherwise prepare them correctly.
Plus a military camp will require you follow strict rules, maybe even force you to do things that go against your values. Shelter should be high above ground and food should be grown or gathered from a spot that is safe from contaminates.
Maybe you’ll get lucky and the zombie that is about to gnaw on your leg will have second thoughts as he stares in bewilderment at the miniature zombies on your socks. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or invasion of the brain-craving undead, basic survival skills and being prepared will always serve you well. If you’ve already made your way into the wilderness, try and find a source of freshwater. There’s lots of different methods for starting a fire, but they all require knowlege and patience.
WikiHow has an exhaustive list how ways to spark a flame and there’s plenty of videos to show you how to use friction to start a fire. My advice is go to the top most floor and take out any steps, elevators, whatever leading up to you (bring a ladder and rope of course).
Boiling water for 2-3 minutes to kill bacteria and parasites is the easiest and most effective way to purify it. Doing this will create a natural barrier between you and the zombies in case they find out where you are they would then need to get to you (which considering they’re brain dead this would be near impossible for them to figure out). Animals could be carriers of the possible zombie infectant but may not actually be harmed by it. If you can’t find a freshwater source, collect morning dew or rainwater until you find a water source.

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