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Protecting your foods with Mylar bags and Oxygen Absorbers is an absolute must for survivalist and preppers because they keep your dried foods, corn, rice, beans, and even grains completely preserved for up to 25 years. Zombies are chic and people are jumping on the zombie bandwagon left and right with television shows, movies, T-shirts and books. Long before Max Brooks gave us World War Z, low budget and even the occasional big-budget filmmakers were trudging through buckets of fake blood and rubber entrails to create the masterpieces of zombie horror. Before Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland were making you laugh at zombie’s expense, Return of the Living Dead was bringing the funny along with the scary.
Long before Peter Jackson was telling Gandalf where to wave his staff, he was detailing one man’s mommy issues in Dead Alive.
It’s not often that a zombie flick can get artsy, but this Italian film about a depressed cemetery caretaker who kills zombies at night was something Fellini would have been proud of. OverviewIn this unusual take on horror, vampires, humans, and zombies all inhabit the same small town.

Craft the Uncraftable Mod allows you to craft things you couldn’t craft before, like ice, or grass.
You can’t walk into a book store, if there are any left, without seeing the Zombie Survival Guide, Tao of Zombie, yada, yada yada. He deserves to make this list simply for creating Rat Monkeys whose bite turns people into a zombie. Rupert Everertt plays Francesco Dellamorte who is haunted by a dead love and is tired of cleaning up the zombie mess.
Night of the Living Dead helped to create the genre, Dawn of the Dead showed us all exactly how much like sheep we really are and Day of the Dead helped show that we can be just as monstrous as the zombies.
The three different groups attempt to get along for the good of the town, not to mention their own survival.
There is no doubt that the original trilogy belongs on any list pertaining to best zombie movies, but the others have their ups and downs.

It wasn’t until she became a zombie that he was finally able to pursue his true love.
It helped to create whole new branch of zombie horror and lead to movies like House of the Dead. The final epic battle between Lionel and zombie mom was reminiscent of many sons who tried to leave the nest. That’s a stinker!)  We all felt that surge of adrenalin when Alice went all kung-fu on the zombie dogs.

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