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A 16 page Corporate Zombie Survival Guide was also written and produced to supplement the kit.
Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome.Not a member? You can see the image in the gallery below, where we've split up the information by category. The graphic addressed five categories: Identifying zombies, choosing weapons, blending in with zombies, zombie biology, and - most importantly - knowing when you've become infected.
There's an uncomfortable lack of information dealing with non-zombie threats - what should we do about raiders or post-apocalypse dictators, for example?
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TNT Magazine Limited (registered in the UK and Ireland 9803572) - 25 Bank Plain, Norwich NR2 4SF. You’re heading to the store to get a PS4 right now and need to know which games to get. From that setup follows an evocative, exceptionally well-designed action RPG that will challenge you, thrill you, and maaaaybe even move you. A Good Match For: Cyberpunk fans, tactics RPG fans, anyone who wants a game with a button dedicated to making the main character hum along with the soundtrack.
After years of changes both minor and major, the Assassin’s Creed series had begun to feel in a rut. The next-gen versions of the game look incredibly good, particularly the PS4 version, which runs in beautiful 1080p resolution. A Good Match For: Those who like watching tiny people destroy tiny monsters, co-op fans, people who hate goatmen. Not A Good Match For: Goatmen advocates, those looking for an RPG with tactical combat, a strong story or deep, interactive conversations. Not A Good Match For: Players who are sensitive to gross stuff or jokes about religion, or people who are just looking to relax while playing a game. A Good Match For: Fans of fantasy role-playing video games looking to take the massively multiplayer plunge.
A Good Match For: Fans of late-90s first-person shooters, those who want something a bit smarter than your average linear modern action game…but not too smart.
A Good Match For: People who like shooting aliens, people who like shooting aliens with a couple friends, people who like gradually (very gradually) getting new stuff to use to shoot the aliens.

A Good Match For: Anyone looking for an RPG they can really (really) sink their teeth into. Not A Good Match For: Anyone looking for a tight experience, or a game that can be completed in a few hours. 10 items corresponding were developed together with the Health Promotion Board to remind undergraduates and fresh graduates on how not to become a corporate zombie. Blood red moons are in the sky, the Muppets are becoming perverts, and Hugh Jackman is retiring Wolverine. It even addresses zombie facts like average life span (3 to 5 years), biological advantages (stamina and hearing), and fashion choices which will get you killed (mullets). But The Walking Dead has covered that pretty extensively, which hopefully is enough of an education. By continuing to use this site you consent to our use of cookies unless you have disabled them. We will, of course, be updating this list regularly as more games are released for the PS4. Transistor is a marked evolution of the sort of art-driven, musical, mysterious storytelling that developer Supergiant established in their last game Bastion. Transistor may look like Diablo but it’s far less snappy and requires a lot more tactical thinking in order for it to become enjoyable. Add on the excellent single-player expansion Freedom Cry and Assassin’s Creed IV becomes a cinch to recommend, and easily one of the very best games on PlayStation 4.
If Diablo III were a houseguest, it would be the sort of houseguest that arrives with half a dozen suitcases and their own washer and dryer.
Who says orcs are just dull, evil cannon-fodder with no personalities or defining characteristics? Shadow of Mordor is an often exceptionally violent game, and as the game progresses and players begin to lobotomize and enslave the ranks of the orcs, a morally challenging one.
The developers spent three years rebuilding the game from the ground up, and the end result is one of the finest massively multiplayer online role-playing games ever made. The original Final Fantasy XIV was a tangled mess of conflicting ideas, when all players wanted was a standard MMO game with the familiar features of a Final Fantasy game. Play this pair of games to experience the delightful sort of conversation, as it were, that a game designer can have with their player, one full of surprises, teases, challenges and solutions.
Its story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world may be built on a foundation of zombie-movie cliches, but the tale of the embittered smuggler Joel and his relationship with a young girl named Ellie is so full of heart and wrought with such subtlety that any concerns about overfamiliarity quickly fade away. This game is also great for those who like cinematic, movie-like games, and it’s a good game to show off to your friends, roommates, or significant others.
Those who want something tactically difficult, or a battle system that rewards play on higher levels.
Only three more additions before we hit our ceiling of 12 and have to start cutting games to make room for new ones. I was pretty hype for the PS4 but I've realised I haven't turned it on for nearly a month now. Clearly, these are the end times, and an inevitable zombie apocalypse will soon descend on us.
We’ve capped the list at 12, and in the months and years to come will remove old games to make way for new, better entries. Come for the great story, stay for the killer soundtrack, stay even longer for the intricately designed action.
The only way Isaac can get out of that hellish situation is by jumping into his basement — which happens to be endless, and full of terrors. As Shadow of Mordor shows us, Mordor itself is a pretty interesting place, and the uruks who invade it are pretty interesting villains. You might expect a game bearing the Wolfenstein brand to be another anonymous Nazi-shooting game, but Wolfenstein manages to surprise at almost every turn. Each area contains some people to rescue (use your grappling hook), creatures to kill (use your guns), gems to find (use your brain) and, coolest of all, some sort of incredibly-animated liquid: lava, water and weirder stuff.
What to do with a game that we all really like despite the many, many things we wish it did differently?

Better still, in addition to its beautiful art, gorgeous soundtrack and eye-popping cutscenes, the game itself is quite well-made.
You venture to your war room and dispatch troops to clear a path for you, then stop off to do a little flirting before you head into the field. By the time I explained that unshakable logic, shamblers would have eaten our brains, so let's focus on preparations instead. Its weapon choices are especially smart - you should absolutely focus on light firearms with small ammo that won't slow you down when you need to run. But now that we’ve passed the one-year mark, there are more good games than ever, with new contenders arriving all the time.
The games work fine offline, because the game never needed to be always-online in the first place. Thankfully, these demons can be defeated by directing Isaac’s tears, twin-stick shooter style, across Zelda-like dungeons. The landscape is a fictionalized version of Los Angeles and the California desert, and you can go anywhere. The fluids are the stars of the game, as they realistically splash, flow, deform, melt, and cool in ways that aren’t just special to see but affect gameplay.
It can only be included on this list, despite our gripes and caveats.Destiny has already seen a few significant changes since its launch, and we hope that it will continue to be improved upon in the months and years to come. It’s an often terrifying, exhilarating mixture of stealth, action and horror that plays out over sprawling levels and is unafraid to make the player feel disoriented and disempowered. Thankfully MorphCostumes has already compiled the research into a convenient infographic just in case the outbreak occurs during World Zombie Day on Oct. The stopping power of say, shotguns, are only helpful when facing small numbers of the undead. As for our European readers, you're in big trouble, and I'd suggest relocating to Russia as quickly as possible if you want to survive. The single-player campaign is meaty, each of the six playable classes offers a distinct experience, and once the four acts and bonus expansion are complete, there’s an enjoyable adventure mode to look forward to. You’ll get to know, loathe, and even kinda like some of the orcs you encounter, as your vendettas against them go beyond the grave and become something weirdly intimate. The PS4 version is essentially the same as the PC version, albeit with slightly reduced visual fidelity, and works well with a controller, which makes it all the easier to recommend.
Wish you could get a bit of dramatic musing on the nature of time and consciousness mixed in with your gunfights and explosions? Both games were created by Q-Games, a Kyoto-based studio that use the Shooter games to demonstrate their mastery of tight, clever level design, one cavern at a time.
But even now, we keep playing, and for the most part we have a pretty damned good time doing so. The new PS4 version of the game is a marked technical improvement, with a smoother framerate and higher-res visuals.
The often difficult combat is exceptionally violent, so this game is not for the squeamish. If you must go melee, the Shaolin Spade is an excellent, if hard to find weapon that puts the now-standard katana to shame. When it was released on PC in 2012, we never would have guessed that Diablo III would end up making a list of the best games on a console.
It also includes the terrific Left Behind DLC, as well as a bunch of maps for the game’s largely underrated online multiplayer. And of course flamethrowers should always be a last resort, considering how quickly a blaze can get out of control. You’re bound to see extraordinary sights and stumble into some sort of good (and probably violent) time. Have you ever wanted to steal a plane, eject mid-flight, and parachute into downtown, all in time to go play some tennis?

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