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Scavenging – You’re able to roam the world and use lookout towers to scope out homes, businesses and supply stores to mark on your map to check out for loot.
Supplies and Weapons– Supplies are needed just as much as it is to keep outrunning the Zeds. State of Decay not only satisfies players with the destruction of the zombies, but gives them a sense of heroism. Does the game’s music and sound effects get you involved or do they make you resolve to always play with the volume down?
Game developers have all sorts of avenues to explore in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak.
I had high hopes for this XBLA title, because the concept behind it sounds absolutely irresistible. What I’ve described so far is what State of Decay does well, and it would be a great game if those things were all it did. They directly interfere with the atmosphere of danger and oppression it is trying to convey, hamstringing the ambition.
Working through the missions wouldn’t be so bad if the combat were more entertaining, but the fear of your character dying is the only source of drama. Moving between moments of greatness and moments of glaring ineptitude, State of Decay leaves me with mixed feelings. Hiding in a bush with a weapon that is just about to break, a horde of zombies slowly walking by and a zombie just of camera walks into the bush and exposes you, then you run. For starters I'm not a huge zombie fan, but I love strategy as well as third person titles with vast open worlds to explore and so on. An exiting title utilizing the power of survival as you group struggles to survive it rest on your shoulders to guide them to the end.
Our friends at Undead Labs in Seattle have been working hard on a new open-world zombie game for Xbox 360 and PC, and they’re finally ready to launch.
Looks interesting, but I doubt it’ll be coming to PS3 since Microsoft is involved in the making.
This looks great, I prefer FPS to 3rd person…it makes you feel like you are in the game.
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In the age of gaming, at any given time there is always at least one horror video game in the best-selling games list at that moment. Dead Island is not perfect, but the game is popular due to its detailed and gripping island environment, viscous melee combat and gorgeous graphics. The Walking Dead is not for everyone due to its unique gameplay theme, but its outstanding storyline, exceptional gameplay elements and the rough decisions you have to make in the game allow it to stand out amongst the most popular zombie games.
Left 4 Dead as well as its sequel known as Left 4 Dead 2 are some of the most extreme zombie games ever created.
These days, zombies seem to be everywhere, from TV to cinemas, video games, comics, books, etc. While you will receive that satisfaction for running over zombies in your vehicle, you are living out what you would do in real life if this became a thing. State of Decay is based highly on personal player action while you set out to maintain defenses, keep your community under control and build good morale. Home base is where you stock up on supplies, make upgrades and switch out with others in your group when you need a break.
Controls are pretty basic and you have two different ways to go about combat: Stealth and Brute Force. It’s not necessary to take on more survivors than needed but this will build a stronger army for your defense. You aren’t just living out a pre-planned story, you’re creating and determining your own fate.
You can continue the survival adventure with both DLC in Breakdown and soon releasing and announced at PAX 2014, Lifeline coming soon next month! Given the ability to see yourself tossed into the middle of the madness, you are ultimately tested on how well you can do. Left 4 Dead revolves around the teamwork required to beat the odds, The Last Of Us is about emotional resonance between survivors, Dead Rising aims for the joy in dismembering and humiliating the undead. State of Decay offers a chance to build your own outpost in an open world, ensuring the survival of your crew while fighting back the advancing undead threat. Death is permanent, so the most mundane supply run can become a tragedy if a passing zombie horde catches you weaponless and low on stamina. Degrading weapons, broken down vehicles, influence within the community, and the morale of your comrades need constant attention.
The environmental pop-in is so atrocious that I lost count of the number of times my car came to an unexpected stop because it hit a tree or fence that had not appeared yet. How am I supposed to care about rescuing a fellow survivor when the zombies I just killed inexplicably phased through a pane of glass?
The world is full of flesh-eating monsters, and you have a base full of armed and capable companions, but every mission is a solo one. Despite unlocking some new moves as you level up, fighting zombies boils down to a simple shoot-or-smash affair. It has a great idea at its core, and I want to give the developers at Undead Labs credit for that. State of Decay is the first zombie survival game which has felt like you are actually trying to survive against the odds. State of Decay mixes brutal, fun combat with controlling your main base, all while doing multitudes of sidequests and other things.
It's just extremely fun to play and you will find yourself addicted within a matter of minutes. Offered up here is a painfully realistic open world zombie apocalypse survival experience that is about as close to Zombieland as you'll find. All limbs can be severed, some in multiple areas, and heads can be either chopped off or splattered into gooey chunks. However, if you want to take it up a notch, you are better off with a more stable and gory game like Dead Island or Dead Rising series.
On a side-note, I heard someone big was going to move forward with a high-end engine for the Day-Z mod and make it a full-blown game outside of the Arma 2 confines.
Glitches are there, the island is not as huge as it seems and the story is also ordinary, but regardless of these flaws, the game earned its place amongst the best zombie games ever created.
Just like Dead Island, this game has its technical flaws, but still it offers many things, for example, a large open world to explore and various tough and strategic choices.
Playing as a photojournalist stuck in a huge mall during a zombie apocalypse was quite entertaining, and that time there wasn’t that kind of game available on the market. It is an episodic game which is divided into multiple seasons, with each seasons consisting of multiple episodes. In Left 4 Dead, you have to run towards safety along with three companions, which can either be controlled by a human player or the AI, the game continuously throws loads of relentless zombies your way, and to tackle that you have to use your reflexes and teamwork in order to survive the zombie attack.
Year 2015 introduced some great zombie games and it looks like 2016 is going to be even better. On your quest for survival, there’s a never-ending slew of dilemmas both at home base and in the outside world. From exploring, you’ll get tired and need to switch out to another friendly survivor in your group to keep yourself from exhaustion. State of Decay carves out a new niche in the post-apocalyptic landscape by focusing on the desperation and doom inherent in a zombie-infested world.
The story begins by following a man named Marcus, but soon you are part of a community with no leader, where everybody pulls their weight and contributes to the greater good.

This didn’t happen to me often, but the loss of characters is powerful if they are among the small group that you are using consistently, since all playable characters have stats that improve as you fight and explore. When I’m escorting that same survivor home, how can sneaking around a group of zombies be tense when my AI partner refuses to do stealth?
Apart from a handful of dull story missions, none of the tasks feel like they have any sort of authorship.
A single zombie inspires no fear whatsoever, and if you’re well prepared, even a large group of them can be easily overcome.
But lots of games begin with great ideas; executing those ideas well and letting the player experience them fully is the challenge. The real question; is State of Decay worth the $20 or is this one twitching corpse you should avoid?
When it takes me 3 months and 11 days for me to complete a game, that generally indicates that it's crap. One thing is for sure, if you see a group of glowing eyes peering at you in the night, your are in for some serious trouble.
Torsos apparently can't be completely severed, but can take some physical damage by bullets and melee weapons.
In fact, we had to make a custom config file for the game to even be able to see well enough to play the game. For this one in particular I was still the market all the way up to the zombie head popping jump kick, and later the 4 foot jump onto a zombie’s head. Zombie-based games are quite popular in this genre because they provide a special level of excitement and hours of fun which is not felt with any other video game genre. You can either save helpless victims of the zombie attack or let them die, go on supply runs, build different bases for your people to live; there are a variety of choices, and it is entirely up to you to decide what choices to make.
Apart from its story, the combat system which allows players to use a variety of different items found in the mall as weapons, also added an extra excitement to this zombie-based gaming series.
Every episode of this game provides a thrilling gameplay experience and packs an emotional punch.
The game’s multiple types of zombies along with its interesting cutscenes make its gameplay very engaging. Whether your group is complaining about not having enough supplies, bickering with each other, or mourning a fallen ally, it’s relevant that you need to consider the needs of your community, unless you want them to turn on you. This helps with creeping up on lone zombies and then swiftly executing them with your LB and Y button to take them out undetected.
Your home base really needs to be kept fully stocked on basic needs such as food, medicine, ammo, construction materials for home, and more. This makes the game unique by being able to switch between allies which all have their own different stats and personalities.
Better known by her Gamertag, KittieOnALeash, she’s a Web Developer by day and Digital Hero by night. This is accomplished by scavenging for resources (which never respawn), upgrading your base, and dealing with other enclaves in the area. The leveling system is extremely basic, but it provides an easy way to get invested in the otherwise lifeless (and randomly generated) cast. I’ve never played a zombie game that so clearly hammered home this hanging-by-a-thread breed of desperation.
These moments bring down the whole experience, lending a sense of unpolished cheapness to the cool ideas at the game’s core. They’re just generated and unceremoniously plopped into the world to eat up your time.
Not every encounter needs to be a white-knuckle affair, but the monotony of combat and the repetition of missions is enough to wear down any lingering enthusiasm.
This title is worth checking out but my only problem is a repetitiveness to it and the lackluster missions. Throughout the years of gaming, there have only really ever been zombie games that have you mow down the entire population of Nigeria with all sorts of different weaponry.
State of Decay offers a wide variety of weapons ranging from a pathetic wooden stick to bad ass military grade grenade launchers. Zombie-based video games have been there for many years and there are many names that are considered the best ever. Find out the best Zombie Games for Xbox 360 of all the time Ray’s The Dead Ray’s The Dead is a unique and story driven action puzzler video game in which players will experience the life of Ray, a zombie. This game differs from every other Zom-game such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Island and even Dead Rising by putting you into an open world as the survivor. You could live out on a desolated farm protected from zombie hordes, but risk being stranded by foot if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Daily portions of all of these are used, so keep a good eye on what you need to gather on supply runs. But never before has a game attempted to recreate the true essence of what would really happen if a zombie outbreak happened.
Fortunately, you are rarely alone since you live with a bunch of other survivors that you pair up with for most missions. Also, fallen enemies can not take any additional damage which is quite a disappointment considering the large range of melee weapons available.
Don't be surprised if you see a flying zombie or your partner suddenly fall through the ground. From there you meet up with another survivor, who leads you to a gated church community as you then are left to start to face the reality and rise to the occasion.
Scavenging takes a large role in this game while somebody’s got to get the supplies, and hopefully make it back home. A nice town-home at the end of the block may be a more valuable option for the explorer that needs to loot nearby for resources. Each character has RPG-like stats that you can level up by doing things to meet the requirements. The game simulates real-time, so when your console is off, you’re community still lives on.
Krystal’s other pastimes include watching horror movies, making digital art, jamming to nu-metal, watching anime and creating gamer jewelry to sell in her Etsy store, G33K Castle. If Z-day actually happened, we humans would be hunting for food, building fortifications and trying to stay safe for as long as possible. Zombies are everywhere and sneak up on you when you least expect it, but at least they can't run as fast as they do in Left 4 Dead.
This game is your story affected by your decisions while literally struggling to survive day by day. Use your gun wisely as the blast can bring a zombie party your way and they will come uninvited. Hand-to-hand combat with the Zeds is pretty brutal but it gets the job done quickly. Once a zombie is downed, you can tap your Y button to deliver a finishing blow.
There is some uninspired dialogue which gets annoying after hearing the same 2 voices after supply runs.
Finding good weapons in this game is a pain in the ass, but never venture out on your own without one or you will regret it!
Not only are you playing as one character, but you are able to play with all able-bodied characters available. You have the option to search quietly (and slower) or risk making a lot of noise to speed up the process.
While they can’t really be repaired unless a workshop has been built, they will last for a good while.
The initial fear that happens once nighttime approaches and the fear of running into those scarier zombies always creates a fun factor.

Sure, some games flirted with the idea, but it was only really on a superficial level and just thrown in to break up the monotony of shooting corpses in the head. While this is a game, many things are taken into account such as how your stamina, health, tiredness and such other pointers.
Realistically, backpacks fill up and you’ll need to either call for other scavengers to help bring home the load, or run it back to base yourself.
While scavenging for supplies, once you find a stack of materials, your rucksack is completely filled. A sleeping quarters is handy for your survivors to gain rest, and upgrading a lookout tower will keep your safe zone alert and protected. It’s important to keep a good morale in your home community to be able to use good weapons and help with the load. The only way to drop the supplies off is to head all the way back to home base (not your outlooks) to dump off the supplies. Situations may occur where an ally falls sick, and we all know what that means in an apocalypse.
The game has its minor bugs and somewhat clunky combat, but yet it’s still SO enjoyable and addicting to play making it a most favorite zombie survival game to date! It’s really the most accurate presentation of what the world would be like if an actual zombie outbreak happened with regards to resource gathering, trading and mortality. There are pickup trucks in the game that should be used to carry and transport multiple bags.
It had been a part of my top games of last year and I can’t wait to see what Undead Labs will bring to us gamers in the future!
Clearing the streets sometimes would be much easier if you had the option to bring an ally along with you, but the game only allows this with few random missions.
It’s a very interesting mechanic to introduce in a game, but one I very much welcome even if it did make me depressed somewhat.
From the get go you will be able to loot various sources of items with the hopes that you get something useful out of it.
These range from guns, ammo, medicinal supplies, melee weapons, food, explosives, fuel (although I still have no idea what it actually does) and just regular old stuff.
You are not just one single survivor with a single name and story that drives the game forward, but rather all the survivors you have gathered for your homestead. You progress through some normal tutorial level scenarios until you get to an area where a bunch of survivors have made a shelter within an abandoned church. As you gather more survivors for your homestead, you can befriend them and when you befriend them they can become playable.
This in turn creates an experience that is entirely your own and is only a tiny bit scripted. When you get set up at your homestead, you can go out into the towns and surrounding locations and loot various houses, warehouses, restaurants, gas stations and whatever there may be with the hopes of gathering resources for your fellow survivors to use.The homestead needs five things in order to maintain it.
Building materials to build extra facilities and upgrade existing ones to better and more efficient versions.
These resources are crucial for the survival of all the individuals that you have enlisted and without them, things will soon turn sour. There’s also morale that has to maintained in order for your survivors to be as efficient as possible.
You’re always hunting for better weapons to use against the zombie horde and as much resources as you can possibly get.
They each present their own stories, but most of them aren’t really all that interesting and only boil down to escorting quests or defending missions.
They also give added bonuses and extra gear as reward for your assistance so it provides just enough incentive to be worth it. All these missions and various other miscellaneous ones happen at random intervals throughout the day and some even expire so you have to have your wits about you. You are able to pull off jump kicks (extremely high jump kicks that can kick a zombie’s head off at times), flashy killing moves and insane power attacks. Guns aren’t really that accurate and the aiming mechanic is a bit sticky, but as the game went on I quickly became used to it and was headshotting zombies like they were nothing. When they are fatigued, their stamina and vitality bars get limited and they won’t be as effective in combat. Once they are severely fatigued you can choose to use another character to take over and let them rest at the homestead. This adds a definite element of tension when a massive horde of zombies are chasing you down with no health items and low health as well. You do become somewhat attached to the character your playing with and not to mention all the training that went in to improving their skills. It feels like a genuine loss when they die because you put so much work into them and spent a lot of time with them.Cars are a plus point in the game because they handle well and get realistically damaged. You also have the ability to open your car door and slam a zombie’s head into it at full speed. I spent most of my time driving around and I always had this euphoric feel when I slammed a door into a walker’s face. There are many variations of vehicles with their own strengths and weaknesses as you would expect.
Heavier cars such as trucks take more damage, but are slow and light cars are fast and nimble, but get damaged fairly quickly.Those are the positives of the game, now for the negatives. There’s constant clipping happening at all times and textures simply do not load at times. There’s also a massive issue with the frame rate where it drops to near unplayable levels when entering a new area in a car or just very quickly.
Zombies will constantly appear out of nowhere and I’ve even seen an entire horde sink into the ground. There’s just a whole host of technical faults and if I had to mention them all it would take forever.
I wish there was more thorough debugging and QA testing done because it would have really improved the overall game.
I do understand that it’s a massive open-world and issues do arise a lot when dealing with such a complicated concept. Some survivors have the exact same voice as each other and it can get rather comedic at times.
One guy will be talking to himself about how he is a dick to himself and how he saved himself from an attack. It’s really annoying with the dropping off of supplies when they say the exact same thing to each other over the radio.
Imagine my surprise when I started up the game and most of my supplies were gone and someone died.
You will be bewildered and struggling to come to grips with everything that is on offer because it doesn’t explain these things to you clearly. You can spend hours just pillaging stores and houses looking for better gear or more stuff for your homestead while bashing a zombie’s face in with your car door.
It took all my expectations of a good zombie survival game and presented me with some version of it and I really liked it. If they do decide to make a sequel, I truly hope that they take what they have already established and improve on it while improving the graphics and making sure there aren’t a lot of bugs. The game suffers from a lot of technical faults, but given the scale of the world and all the interactive things within it, I don't really blame the developers too much for it.

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