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The dawn of the dead will soon be upon us— at least that is what zombie truthers believe. According to the latest television ratings, zombies are more popular than football, among 18 to 49-year-olds. As it turns out, the chances of your survival during a zombie apocalypse depend on which city you live in. According to "The Most Appetizing U.S Cities For Zombies" map created by the real estate website Trulia, Honolulu is the worst place to seek refuge from the zombie apocalypse. It might be shocking that the Hawaiian paradise is more dangerous in this hypothetical scenario than Atlanta is in The Walking Dead, but according to the map, Atlanta doesn't even make the top of the list. The real estate experts used the following criteria: highest walk score, lowest hardware stores, highest density in hospitals and most congestion to find the top zombie wastelands.

Zombies would wash up on the beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii, making it the worst city for survival.
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