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Though zombie-based videogames have been around for decades, they’ve never been more popular.
Dead Nation is a clear example of how to make a fun and intense top-down shooter which takes place during a zombie apocalypse.
Dead Island isn’t without its flaws, but the game stands out with its gripping and detailed island environment, gorgeous graphics and viscous melee combat.
State of Decay is a zombie game that puts a heavy focus on allowing you to test strategies of survival.
Although The Walking Dead, developed by Telltale Games, isn’t for everyone, its excellent story, unique gameplay elements and the tough decisions it has you make allow the game to stand out among the crowded zombie subgenre.
Although Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is technically downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption, it was also released as a stand-alone title, so for the sake of this list, it will be considered its own game.
In Undead Nightmare, you play as protagonist John Marston in a wild-west zombie apocalypse on a mission to find a cure to the outbreak in order to save your family. The House of the Dead series is a staple in zombie videogames, and House the Dead 2 is the perfect example why. Although this game is definitely better played on an arcade cabinet, it was successfully ported to the Dreamcast, Xbox, PC and Wii. When Dead Rising hit the scene in the second half of 2006, it garnered  a huge amount of excitement, for a good reason. Left 4 Dead and its Sequel Left 4 Dead 2 remain as some of the most intense zombie games ever released.
Resident Evil, released in 1996, took the videogame world by storm and led to the creation of the survival horror genre. Although zombie games today may have better graphics, more detailed stories and larger game worlds, none of them match the sheer enjoyment of playing Zombies Ate my Neighbors. DayZ is a free mod that has surpassed 1 million users in a little over 4 months, without a big publishers marketing budget. In an attempt to keep things organized, the following will be my ideal additions and changes to the DayZ feature list for the standalone. Chernarus Expanded: Currently the post-soviet state of Chernarus is 225km2 and features a variety of terrain to trek, and locations to visit. But that’s not enough, I think the cities and towns should reflect their populations in a realistic manner. Scenario Based Spawning: I always loved open beginnings, ever since playing my first Elder Scrolls game. I am a bit of a Walking Dead fan, so I love moments like when the helicopter flies over the city, attracting a herd to walk in a certain direction, that herd mindlessly keeps going in that direction and eventually hears a shot – heading for the farm where the group are currently staying.
More Realistic Mechanics: ARMA II prides itself on providing a level of realism that exceeds your average shooter, a lot of this realism has been transitioned over to DayZ. Simple things like being able to drink from water sources without a water bottle, to being able to move and drag objects. Using a rope to climb a small cliff face, or scale down the side of an apartment building, or even perhaps tying up and kidnapping a player. Player Bases, Outposts, Camps: Once you have played DayZ for a while you begin to delve in to setting up camps or tent cities.
From bunking down in a farm to setting up your own makeshift base – there should be plenty of objects and structures to craft to help you in rebuilding or renovating the world.
I've been keeping up with Rocket's developer diaries and agree with the direction that DayZ:standalone is taking. Owners of an Oculus Rift and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition can now enjoy a new Minecraft VR Edition with today's free update. Space Wars: Interstellar Empires lets players command one of four races in turn-based MMO strategy, and will be available to demo at PAX West. Skill Ratings, time banking, Skill Rating decay and several other changes are touched on in a new video detailing changes for Overwatch Season Two.
Shadowgun Legends looks to add AAA-level online FPS action to mobile devices and will be showcasing the title on the floor of Gamescom. Play every God for free, earn 2x Worshipers and take advantage of other rewards during the SMITE Gamescom Party Week event. Spawn in only a world of a city in ruins and band together to survive the onslaught of zombies and to protect the very existence of the human race.Additional NotesThe entire world is city ruins, you can build your own buildings, claim land and mine underground.
Have you ever had trouble keeping track of what is in your fridge or remembering exactly what you needed while shopping for groceries?
Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device. The multi-award winning Minecraft game was created by legendary Swedish programmer Markus Persson and developed by Mojang, the company he co-founded, for release in 2009. Minecraft, a powerful user created 3-D world made of coloured blocks, is currently available as a PC game, on the Xbox platform, and as a downloadable iOS and Android Pocket Minecraft app.
Popularity of the iconic game and the angular toys it has spawned has literally exploded, fuelled by social media, YouTube and word of mouth.
In mid-2012, following huge fan demand, Lego released the first Lego Minecraft set with micro Steve and Creeper figures. In April 2013 licensed toy specialist Jazwares were awarded the global master toy license to make Minecraft toys. Florida-based Jazwares released a wide range of Minecraft merchandise from late 2013 including plastic figures, plush and paper craft toys.
The Jazwares 3-inch scale Minecraft figures available so far include Steve, Creeper, Zombie and Enderman.
There are also larger 6″ scale vinyl figures of Steve, Diamond Steve and Creeper by video game specialist retailer Jinx who run the official Minecraft store.
Look out too for collectable Minecraft plush figures and larger scale feature talking plush Minecraft toys.
Role play toys include the Minecraft Foam Sword, Foam Diamond Sword and Foam Diamond Pickaxe.
New in Autumn 2014 are collectable and swappable Minecraft Sticards which are a cross between trading cards and stickers. New Lego Minecraft sets for 2015 include The Dungeon, The Snow Hideout, The Desert Outpost and The Nether Fortress.
With the ongoing viral popularity of the game, it seems a virtual certainty that an unlimited number of Minecraft toys will be spawned. After Sunset 2 has proved to be a big hit on Miniclip since its release – in fact, one of our team came to work dressed as Sid on Halloween. One of our other most popular puzzlers from last month is DynaBoy, from the creators of Slime Lab – there’s plenty of jewels and loot to be found in those caves, so grab some dynamite and start treasure-hunting! With awards’ season upon us, we ran a vote on our Facebook page to see which of our games would be picked as the best of 2013.
Well, a number of our team ran a race in Lausanne, Switzerland for the charity Foyer Des Jeunes.
Several team members also took part in Movember last month, taking their inspiration from Super Mario, Hulk Hogan, and maybe even a little bit of Borat, on their way to raising over ?600. The festive season is upon us, and we’ve launched some special Christmas awards for you to win. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There is never a simple answer to where you should go when the zombie outbreak hits or how you should get there. Before we give you the tips you’ll need to plan your zombie escape routes, evacuation points and destinations, we must first give you the tools to utilize said tips.
You’ll want to create several possible escape routes with several variations each, as to increase your chance of escape and survival. One last thing – when your zombie survival escape plan is finished, you must periodically return to it (a survivalists work is never done!) to memorize each of the points and routes to keep it fresh in your mind.
Now take into account the challenges you are faced with when high-tailing it out of your current location, whether it be a major city or suburb.
Your main objective: to find routes that will take you as far away from civilization as possible (or as far as your survival gear will take you).
Another advantage of being near a large water source is that you can swim – zombies cannot.

Islands are also excellent destinations, but keep in mind that others may also come to the same conclusion.
If you’re in the the city or suburbs, the answer to this is simple – LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! Unless you have a house already prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse (fully equipped with bomb shelter room(s)), able to feed and fully sustain your every need for the years to come, get out while you can! Obviously, a remote area is a safer alternative to a highly populated, most likely or soon to be, infested one. By preparing your Bug Out Bag & Survival Gear adequately, you will avoid unnecessary risk in a populated area. As you can never fully plan for everything that will be thrown your way, apocalyspse or not, you must do your best to plan for as many situations, obstacles, and means of travel as possible…and most likely, you will be doing a lot of travelling. Dress yourself with comfortable, yet snug-fitting clothes (limiting the possibility of being caught or snagged) that offer some level of protection (See Protective Clothing), and a good pair of boots – suitable for all terrains.
Remember to select several destination points – each in varying directions, and each general direction in varying distances.
When choosing your destination, look for a water source and a minimally populated area with natural borders to accompany your structured (man-made) defenses. Avoid hospitals (why would you willingly walk into a disease-infested, zombie factory?) and supermarkets. Of course, you’ll have to do your research to find a warehouse that would actually be beneficial to you and your survival.
Are the possible members of your survival group (and their most likely location when the zombie apocalypse begins) offering a realistic rendezvous point given population and land barriers? Note: Familiarizing yourself with the means to hunt, fish, trap, as well as how to grow your own food, will ensure your survival and help sustain you when the zombie apocalypse is upon us. Just a thought, but you might want to think about surrounding your area with booby-traps as well…just in case an individual or group is persistently pursuing your desirable location.
I plan to meet up with my friend who is even more equiped for a situation like this than me.
In honor of this popularity, we’ve assorted a list of what we feel to be the 10 greatest zombie games ever created.
The game is fun to play alone, with a lengthy and exciting single-player campaign, but the game really thrives when it comes to its co-op mode, which can be played locally or online. Glitches abound, the island isn’t as large as it initially seems and the story is nothing special, but what it does right, it does great, earning its place among some of the best zombie games ever released.
Though it’s filled with technical flaws, the game offers up a huge open world to explore and tough choices to make. The game is separated into seasons, with the first season consisting of 6 episodes (the second season is currently underway). The game features an incredibly detailed and expansive game world, an intriguing story and entertaining multiplayer, which includes competitive and cooperative modes. With its superbly campy tone,  fast-paced gameplay and addictive multiplayer, House of the Dead 2 is a blast to play, and despite aging graphics, it has held up to this day. Playing as a photojournalist trapped in a detailed mall during a zombie outbreak was hugely entertaining, and there simply wasn’t anything like it on the market.
Forcing you to trek towards safety with three companions, which can be human or AI controlled, the game constantly and, without mercy, throws dozens of unrelenting zombies your way, forcing you to use your reflexes and teamwork in order to survive the onslaught.
Its sequel, Resident Evil 2, improved upon the formula and delivered what still stands as one of the greatest zombie games ever made. With its incredible atmosphere, clever gameplay and strong art style, few other games can match the magic of Resident Evil 2. As far as limitations, I am not really limiting myself to any – I am running the assumption that BIS has decided to use the ARMA 3 engine as a base for the DayZ standalone and will be developing on top of that framework. The map is currently a big place, and you can sometimes feel quite alone – but I think the map needs to be bigger, perhaps twice the size or at least an extra 100km2.
Currently on the map we see that the bigger cities like Cherno only have a few apartment buildings and residential houses.
Alternatively I would just like to see people awaken in more places than on a beach or random grassy area – have people awaken in ruined cars, camping tents, buildings, hospitals etc. You should never know when entering a building if there is going to be an infected around, their AI needs to be improved dramatically to fix their perception skills – make them run properly or slower but more dangerous.
Besides a dynamic spawning system for maintaining populations where players are, I would also love to see persistent herds or small groups that will roam wherever they are drawn by natural or player causes. Places like larger cities and towns, if having suburbs and more realistic sizes etc, should range from being rather quiet to completely overrun (think Atlanta in Walking Dead). Adding more health issues, sicknesses and ailments – down to eating rotten food and throwing it up or getting food poisioning.
There is a bit of item variety already available, but I would love to see much more clutter and random everyday items. From things like crafting makeshift tools, to more detailed repairs of vehicles and building structures. Some people go ahead and use sandbags, tank traps, and wire fencing to create fences and perimiters around their bases. Players should also have a reason to want to find a place to settle down, and have enough things to do in these areas to keep a player busy for a long time. That’s a glimpse at the kind of game I want to see DayZ become, and I have a feeling there are a lot of other DayZ fans out there who share the same ideas. His push for an even more realistic survival simulation is unique in the market and why I still love the mod. Unfortunately, if there is any personal conflict with the running script or character’s last minute decision, the emotion of the moment falls flat.
If all standalone amounts to are better textures, better effects, more items, more object interactions, and new spaces to explore, I’d be forever grateful.
Militarized Quarantine Zone(s) – perhaps AI snipers could keep zeds (and players) from getting too close to the uninfected border. Unfortunately, if there is any personal conflict with the running script or character's last minute decision, the emotion of the moment falls flat.
Simulations are supposed to be modeled after real life, and real life doesn't reward or punish a person's actions with progress bars and unlocks to steer your decisions or divorce you from morality. If all standalone amounts to are better textures, better effects, more items, more object interactions, and new spaces to explore, I'd be forever grateful.
Militarized Quarantine Zone(s) - perhaps AI snipers could keep zeds (and players) from getting too close to the uninfected border. You play as a Douglas-fir seedling and the game’s focus is to grow out the underground root system. Our other big action release was the zombie survival game After Sunset 2. In this sequel, you control Sid the butcher as he takes on waves of the undead with some very cool weapons. We were delighted to announce that the winner, after some intense rounds of voting, was… drum roll… 8 Ball Pool! On a similarly flesh-crawling note, James Vaughan, the creator of our Android hit, Plague Inc, was interviewed on Bloomberg TV about its success.
Into a strong headwind and battered by rain, seven hardy runners covered a total of  125 kilometres (78 miles) and raised over ?260 for our chosen charity. Well, it looks like some fairly famous names made guest appearances during a company game of Lasertag last week (check the pic on the right – not sure who Steven Seaga is though). Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and Facebook and Google+ pages to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news and releases! The zombie war is inevitable, and if you’re to survive this war, you must have a strategy! For those of you new to the inter-web, Google Maps is your friend…and possible savior, when planning your zombie escape route(s).
Mark your escape route with Placemarks for any points of note or importance as you go (i.e. Remember, your escape route may be easily accessible now, but you never know how long you’ll have access to your map when the zombie apocalypse comes knocking!
Either way, despite your knowledge of the terrain and area you will be traveling, a handheld gps device (with A LOT of extra batteries) will be critical when you have to leave the roads behind. Taking advantage of natural water sources along the way will give you the opportunity to replenish your supply (fresh water only), and given a real knowledge of the local vegetation, the opportunity to stock up on any edible plant life.
This will buy you time if you find your location compromised – how much time is dependent on the depth of the water and number of zombies.

This will increase your chance of survival, especially if you can find an isolated area to drop anchor, only coming ashore for supplies when absolutely necessary. Natural borders are great, as long as they don’t compromise your ability to leave that area (in case of attack or the need for supplies). The longer you wait, the longer you give the every-increasing horde of the undead to grow in numbers, and the more difficult it will be to escape. Be aware of your surrounding and destined ecosystem and the dangerous animals that inhabit them.
The lower the population of any given area, the lower the numbers of the undead – simple, right? As your zombie escape route should take you near locations of interest (as you keep in mind all of the above variables), so should these locations offer some degree of protection in case they become (at least temporarily) your destination point. Just make sure that your supplies allow for long periods of time between restocking if you’re planning a sea voyage. Becoming physically familiar with your escape plan will not only take a source of anxiety out of the equation, but depending on weather and other possibly choatic conditions and influences, help to get you out safely and in a timely manner (because it WILL BE a time-sensitive situation). If you can separate yourself or your survival group from the outside world of infection and chaos, you’re already one step ahead. I quite honestly have a grab bag made up in the bottom of my wardrobe with survival kit etc in it!! I always wanted to figure out the best way to get out when the zombies come, but this should help so that I can lay it out more tactically and thought through. Guns are great but they can get heavy, especially if you have a lot of ammo bogging you down. Join Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita, Berry and countless other adorable kitties in a journey through pawsome new places, where cookies are just waiting to be eaten. Use your cookies to fight of Buster the Drooly Dog, Bobby the Birthday Bear, Ivy the Carnivorous Plant and many others. Many still consider Dead Nation to be one of the best games released on the PlayStation Network. You can go on supply runs, save (or not save) helpless victims of the zombie onslaught, build bases for your group to live; the choices are countless, and the game allows you to tackle them in any way you see fit. The combat system, which allows you to use dozens of various items found throughout the mall as weapons, helped solidify it as an intriguing new zombie gaming franchise. In addition to fighting zombies, you’ll also face off against werewolves, vampires, aliens, giant demonic babies and a variety of other enemies.
Converting the mod to a full game opens up the door to many new features and removes a lot of limitations that the mod suffers from.
Rocket is very open to suggestions, and frequents forums every day to find out what people want – if you want to pitch your own idea, head over to the official forums. This opens up a lot of opportunities, and without limiting myself – here is my ideal DayZ game. Part of the excitement of DayZ is the uncertainty of visiting certain cities and towns – not knowing who waits inside a building or around a corner. I want to see suburbs, expanded cities and towns, along with the small rural villages we currently see. I would like to see some improvements on this though, and I think that it can be further enhanced with scenario based spawning. There’s so much potential for added immersion there that I hope they do something special with it. If they are slower, they should follow the mentality that a few is no problem to escape from but a larger group could easily pin you or trap you. Imagine clearing houses in the suburbs, you have trouble with an infected and have to shoot – this draws a massive herd over to the suburbs. I love the survival simulation aspects the most, so I want extreme emphasis placed on making the game feel as real as possible.
Along with that players should need to maintain and clean their weapons to stop them from jamming, and snipers worry about wind when firing – a mechanic that never made it in to the current DayZ mod. Additionally, other tasks currently in the game could be fully fledged out, like cooking could have recipes or ingredients that provide certain benefits to your health or ruin your health. Adding weapon modules would be one way to do it, give them durability and enable players to pull other guns to pieces and use them for parts. I think too many people are trying to add mechanics that would force interaction with other players, or are trying to get perks into the coming release. To me, simulations are more about setting the best scene for a story to happen, without actually telling it.
It's a game killer IMO - and probably why many players look to a reward system to be entertained.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Roads are a risk – not only from zombies, but from those who intend on taking advantage of the chaos for their own personal gain.
Despite the level of decay of the zombie(s) (more decay = slower, more uncoordinated movements) and the stage of the zombie apocalypse, natural borders affords you time and a means of defense. It is for this reason, that you must have a zombie escape route already prepared (tactically and logistically thought through) – to act immediately, with confidence. Cities may serve as a possible surplus of food and supplies, but if properly prepared, that dependency on the misleading advantages a city has to offer can be overcome. Taking risks WILL lead to your demise, not to mention putting the rest of your party in harm’s way.
Taking advantage of a natural barrier such as that also affords you more area to store supplies and be completely self-sufficient, as I’m assuming there is an adequate plot of land on your side. Then we go 20 minutes to a town a bit bigger, pick up people we know(being as we know where all of them live), then go to the local Wal-mart and stock up enough to last for decades.
A compound bow weighs the same as a gun but the ammo is lighter than a box of ammo would be, and the best part is its virtually silent and if you have time to collect the arrows, reusable. Be ready to connect colorful cookies, fight off the big baddies, and befriend new meow-sicians in this FREE puzzle game that is the cat’s pajamas! This is why I want to see the world expanded, increase the player count as much as possible, make the map bigger and add in proper suburban areas in cities, shopping districts, large malls, and more. Spawn locations could be say in the forest, where you would be given hunting or camping gear to start with.
More items should have uses as well, most of which should be unspoken for – items which can be used in any way you can manage. Learning to not cook with a certain type of plant or rotten food would give some of the MMO Chefs out there something to focus on. Once again, adding as much realism and immersion in to the world as possible is never a bad thing in my books. Players should be able to re-build civilization to a degree, inhabiting and customizing their own area in the way they see fit. As the dayZ mod beautifully demonstrates, players do, in fact, create their own stories – made relevant and exciting by the circumstances of their environment!
As the dayZ mod beautifully demonstrates, players do, in fact, create their own stories - made relevant and exciting by the circumstances of their environment! It may seem a bit unrealistic and impossible, but if you knew me and my area and all that, you’d understand and agree with it in full. Another person could spawn at a city, wearing civilian clothing, while another awakes in a hospital wearing scrubs and holding only basic medical supplies. Perhaps able to drag furniture and hide in the house till the herd passes, while also having something to do in the mean time of course. I’ve experienced more memorable gaming moments in the last three weeks of dayZ than in any FPS, RTS, or MMO script.
I've experienced more memorable gaming moments in the last three weeks of dayZ than in any FPS, RTS, or MMO script. Title your map Zombie Escape Plan and enter in any information you may need to reference in the Description area.

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