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With high marks for his studies in Technical Theater History, Anthony got his first true taste of the business after landing a featured role in Robert Rodriguez’ film Shark Boy and Lava Girl.
Anthony recently worked with writer and director Cedric Thomas Smith in the short film The Symphony of Silence, a powerful story about teen bullying in America today.
Anthony is currently living in Los Angeles and has continued to train extensively through Calliope Talent under the guidance of leading filmmakers and casting directors.
Very recently, Anthony took part in a Top Secret mission to our Caribbean outpost alongside ZSC Special Forces leader Michael Rooker and ZSC Loyalist Steve Cardenas.  With our Red Brigade Leader and Sergeant at Arms providing logistical support and security, highly classified sensitive documents that had been intercepted by undercover carrier pigeons were successfully delivered to Commanders Guajardo and Rooker.
If you’re just joining us for this series, please be sure to check out our previous Commander Monday reports!
Mix together butter and cocoa in dutch oven (or saucepan) and heat slowly till the butter is melted. Thanks to fellow ZSC member Beth of Orange Brigade for offering up this wonderful family recipe! Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G has been crazy busy with homework, editing, and working on THIS. Blue Brigade Commander Norman Reedus has been kicking a$$ and killing zombies on THIS and working on THIS.
Evidence of his invaluable resourcefulness was witnessed just last year; while on a regular reconnaissance mission in Philadelphia,  Lt. Anthony is currently living in Los Angeles and recently participated in a national commercial campaign with AAA. Anthony keeps a sharp eye on the perimeter while the rest of the crew embarks upon a very dangerous and important mission - replenishment of caffeine supplies. Friday night we learned the secret to turning Juliette into a giddy little girl (Jinxie side note: which was hysterical). On Sunday, it became impossible to tell which of us at the table were walkers, and which were zombie slayers.
Crafting preparation plans for the onset of the zombiepocalypse or global cataclysmic event requires the assembly of a top notch team of capable minds and bodies. As a paranormal investigator for Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, Britt Griffith is a perfect addition to our Zombie Survival Crew Special Forces team. Zombie Survival Crew please raise your weapons and welcome our newest commander BRITT GRIFFITH!!!!! Tags: Addy Miller, Adrian Kali Turner, Anthony Guajardo, Anthony Michael Hall, Billy Tackett, Casper Van Dien, david della rocco, Elizabeth Schaible, Ernie Hudson, Grae Wolffe, irone singleton, J. And now to bring you a little holiday cheer is the commander of the Orange Brigade, our very own RC Murphy. Tags: Addy Miller, Adrian Kali Turner, Anthony Guajardo, Anthony Michael Hall, Billy Tackett, Casper Van Dien, david della rocco, Elizabeth Schaible, Ernie Hudson, Grae Wolffe, happy birthday, irone singleton, J.
Day by day our numbers grow and we’re introduced to new folks that are eager, ready to take on the shambling horde coming our way with nothing more than a 2×4 and their courage to aid them. And a brief, but heartfelt thank you to all the soldiers and veterans out there on Veteran’s Day. That changes things quite a bit, but they should probably think about making that a lot clearer in their advertising. ChrisG wrote:That changes things quite a bit, but they should probably think about making that a lot clearer in their advertising. Quote:As a guy who still reads comics today (including nearly 100 issues of The Walking Dead, which certainly accounts for the direction), its not a problem for me, but others might not feel that way. So with the game based on the comic and the show based on the comic but tweaked for TV, does the game stand to spoil the show for people who haven't read the comic?
Logik wrote:So with the game based on the comic and the show based on the comic but tweaked for TV, does the game stand to spoil the show for people who haven't read the comic? Played through it 2 times taking divergence on the BIG CHOICES and smaller talking changes (I call him an asshole instead of trying to be nice, etc.). THE HERE’S JOHNNY CARPET COLLECTION from Shredders Apparel includes several sweater designs, a ski mask, patches and socks. STABBY PAPER TOWEL HOLDER: Grasp the knife handle as you rip a towel off to soak up the blood. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged absinthe, austin books & Comics, Black Box subscriptions, box of dread, clive barker, Dragon's Lair, easy, Encore records, End of An Ear, Fangoria magazine, gore noir magazine, Guzu Gallery, harebrained, horror block, horror decor, horror gift guide, lucy in disguise, middle of beyond, moleskin, Mondo Gallery, museum of the weird, Pallbearer Press, period panties, Rue Morgue Magazine, secret oktober, sfanthor, shredders, Sin In Linen, The Bazaar, the walking dead, think geek, Tribe Comics, zombie hammer.
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I'm a former Captain in the US Marines who now writes thrillers and futuristic adventures, including stories with conspiracy theories, alien invasions, space wars, and of course the zombie apocalypse. Enthusiastic, energetic and loyal, he leaps into action without hesitation, fears neither defeat nor the undead even when faced with the most overwhelming odds and never misses the opportunity to use (or misuse) sharp pointy weapons.   He has a smile even more infectious than the most devastating of zombie viruses and can charm his way in and out of even the most precarious of situations.
When he is not busy thinking up ways to save our collective behinds from the shambling hordes, he is a hard-working actor who has appeared in television commercials and live theater since the age of 5. Through hard work, perseverance, faith and perhaps a healthy dose of sheer stubbornness, Anthony landed the role of Miguel on the AMC original series The Walking Dead, an experience that he would later describe as the best experience of his life.
The film premiered to rave reviews in San Antonio, Texas and also premiered at the South by Southwest and Sundance Film Festivals.

He also devotes time to touring the convention circuit regularly, sharing his knowledge and growing expertise in zombie survival skills. The overall mission was a complete success and several new recruits have joined our ranks, including the pigeons.
Blue Brigade intercepted a suspicious communication that indicated the city’s water supply might be at risk of contamination by an unknown substance. When he is not busy saving our collective behinds from the shambling hordes, he is a hard-working actor who has appeared in television commercials and live theater since the age of 5. Before I forget, we have to thank Jim, Cody, Alfred, and the small army of volunteers that took care of us during three very, very crazy days (and one very special 11-year-old girl who was Jinxie’s helper throughout the weekend). When Juliette, Jinxie, and I got to town, we were greeted by a sight very few of your commanders have seen lately—snow on the ground. Twice on Saturday the tables were turned, forcing Jinxie and I to save Anthony from having his face chewed off by the undead. So when Light Blue Brigade Commander Anthony Guajardo approached your Commander-in-chief with the possibility of a keen investigator and strategic thinker famous for taking on thing that go bump in the night, I jumped at the chance.
His years of investigative endeavors give Britt a unique skill set that is integral to facing a cataclysmic event with the tools needed to survive! Not only are processing all the reports coming in of suspected zombie activity, and with the cold temperatures who knows what will happen, the Oracle is dancing around sprinkling tinsel everywhere and has put up so many blinking lights the command center looks like a 70’s discotech.
For those of us who were here when the foundation was laid for the Zombie Survival Crew, those twelve months have flown by. Without their hard work and dedication, we’d be pretty much brain dead by now—Norman Reedus, IronE Singleton, Anthony Guajardo, Sean Patrick Flanery, Neil Brown Jr., Anthony Michael Hall, Ted Raimi, David Della Rocco, Casper van Dien, James Gonzaba, Jim Parrack, Tony Todd, Sam Trammell, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Michael Kenworthy, Elizabeth Schaible, Adrian Kali Turner, Addy Miller, Viviana Chavez, Jim Burleson, J. However, zombie bunnies chewed through the computer cables in the Command center and we couldn’t announce the winners… until now. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ve heard from the zombie bunnies that there may be another contest coming up sooner thank you think.
It's based on the comic's world,, not the show's, and the graphics and fonts reflect that, as do the characters you'll meet (and fans of the show will recognize analogues as well). Can hardly wait to play the next installment.I gotta say I'm already more interested in finding out what happens next with Lee and Clementine than I ever was with the characters in the TV series - and I say this as a HUGE Walking Dead fan.
It is an intentional design decision though and I think enhances the mood of the game.This is the key issue for me. I'll pick it up on the PS3 only because they are offering the entire Season for $19.99 with a free theme. I made fun of it in the Random Thread, expecting a cheap tie-in, but this actually sounds like quality.
Besides the high quality, thick Krampus sweaters and cardigans they had last year (including a kid sweater), they now sell blankets (seen here), scarfs, pillow covers, new ornaments, a new sweater design and a Krampus tree topper. Great for kids and adults, the kit includes two rollerball bottles and all the ingredients. A film diary with alphabetical tabs, blank tabs and stickers to use for categorizing and archiving their favorite films. You can stop in and buy their horror shirts in Austin, at Secret Oktober and Sfanthor & Museum of the Weird. Lots of designs to choose from including Saint Beetlejuice, Saint Vampira (shown), the Universal Monsters and more.
Once again, Box Of Dread and Horror Block make our list because, duh, they’re just awesome. I served on several top-secret zombie outbreak response teams and even commanded a large zombie outbreak response unit stationed at Fort Hood. In my 21-year military career, I developed expertise in both combat training early on and then criminal investigations later on. With high marks for his studies in Technical Theater History, he got his first true taste of the business after landing a featured role in the film Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Without them, your brave commanders would’ve ended up hiding under a table or trying to melt snow to obtain drinking water. There wasn’t much—or we’d probably have snowball fight pictures for the gallery—but there was enough to make it really cold. Then a strange thing happened, once the fans started coming in, their energy gave us a kick in the backside.
When we sat back recently to look over the progress we’ve made we realized how truly astonishing an accomplishment this empire really is.
LaRose, Ernie Hudson, Michael Rooker, Billy Tackett, Paul Phillips, and the crew members that have really stepped up to save our sanity this year: Lora Lapoint, Sarah Quattrocci, Wulfie, Grae Wolffe, and JL Coburn. He cycled through such a huge range of emotions in such a short period of time, I was almost in shock when the scene ended. I certainly expect one hell of an explosive confrontation at one point, maybe a nasty splintering of Rick and Shane’s friendship.
Adventure style and story-heavy, it blends branching decision-based gameplay with action and from what I've experienced, does so very successfully.
Today, I’m the local emergency response commander for my zone of the city I live in.You've heard of Rules of Engagement?

While in the Marines, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. But don’t make the mistake of underestimating one of the ZSC’s youngest commanders, Light Blue Brigade Commander Anthony Guajardo has stood toe to toe with true badassery and lived to tell the tale. She travels with a crossbow!) After we calmed her down, we hung out and met even more new folks including Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries) and Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That). Obviously he’s forgotten the difference between fans, crewmembers, and friggin’ zombies! If we haven’t said it before, I’m saying it now: we could not continue to survive long convention weekends without you, the fans and crewmembers that stop by to visit with us. Your support has taken the ZSC from, “I wonder if…” to reality with enough energy left over to drag us into our second year of existence. So now without further delay, your ZSC commanders will reveal the Be InSightful and Welcome Back-The Walking Dead contest winners! This is the first time I've ever been tempted to order a full set of episodes for a Telltale game.
In fact, you should probably just share this list with your Mom, Dad, Grandparents and any other friend or family member that usually gives you that bewildered stare when wondering what the heck you’d want for Xmas. During combat actions we need to know The Rules so we can prioritize our tactics and strategies.
Originally from Houston, Texas and currently residing in Frisco, Texas, I fancy myself a secret physics, statistics, and data nerd. His quick and decisive actions saved the city of brotherly love from what would surely have led to a catastrophe of global proportions. The highlight of that afternoon came when Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) paid us a surprise visit.
Juliette, however, is a pro at hiding and somehow managed to disappear before Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) paid us a visit. A few examples of what you can expect from in-game graphics and art direction:So far it's delivering a pretty awesome zombie survival experience. Not action hero badass fantasy realistic, but everyday people trying to live through a horrific event realistic- that's not to say you can't make heroic choices, but at best you're just a person trying to do the right thing, not the savior of humanity. The secondary theme was not being able to keep Juliette in one spot for more than ten seconds. It seems like you can make some pretty scummy choices too, although I haven't explored those routes yet. Horror fans love DVDs, movie collections, horror movie posters, horror shirts, memorabilia, soundtracks on vinyl, collectible toys and anything that shows their love of horror. All of them cost around $20 a month and you can buy a month at a time or get 3-month, 6-month, and year subsciptions.
He managed to do so by saying, “Hi.” Before you all groan and disown us, we did rally and had a nice little chat with him. Tricky thing about those can be, you might need to know their favorite movies or style of horror. Most fans of horror like to dress up, so a gift certificate from Lucy in Disguise or The Bazaar are great gifts since they can use it to buy FX makeup, blood, masks, costumes, wigs, etc. Looking for art? Living The Rules is the last step.If you've seen the absolutely outstanding movie "Zombieland" then you are familiar with The Rules. Before we get on to our random gift ideas, let us remind you that you can find lots of horror gifts around town. In "Zombieland 2" they continue with the thread about how having rules and sticking to them will save your life. But I've seen no tie-in whatsoever to the show, it all seems to be based around the comic's plot. It's very dialog and story-oriented- the characters you interact with note the choices you make, the sides you take, the information you divulge, and will remember and react accordingly as events continue to unfold.
You can check out our Links page for stores but we’ll lay down some places right here and now.
Many older movie soundtracks have been re-released as high quality re-mastered editions on vinyl and they are great for a horror fan’s collection.
Magazine subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving and if you want to support a local title — get ’em a subscription to Gore Noir Magazine. Please visit the list of vendors that just appeared at our 2nd Annual Horror For The Holidays Art & Gift Bazaar event (Events page). Most of them are on Etsy, have websites you can order from and are appearing at holiday markets throughout this month. And last, but certainly not least, give the experience of ghostly phenomena with a hearse limo tour of Austin at Haunted ATX .
If you walk into any of the stores we mentioned and ask for help finding gifts for that horror fan in your life, they will set you up for sure.

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