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The Brits start their shooting exam with all students lying prone behind the berm, 1,000 yards from the targets.
At the conclusion of the exam, I struck up a conversation with the British Royal Marine serving as a guest instructor at the school. That conversation has been rattling around in my head for a few years now, and when I saw the CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer (VPT), I recognized it as the perfect rifle with which to teach someone how to shoot, especially if he is entertaining the idea of training to one day become a sniper. The CZ 455 has been on the market for a few years now after replacing the company’s highly successful CZ 452. The barrel is a straight-profile, .866-inch diameter that looks very much at home in the Manners stock.
The Manners T4 that comes on the VPT is inletted for CZ 455 bottom metal and fits perfectly.
The shape of the action and the inletting of the T4 stock make the CZ 455 VPT a prime candidate for bedding, should the owner desire to experiment with accuracy.
I like to see pillar bedding on precision rifles, as it provides a solid foundation for the action to rest against in the stock and prevents the stock from being damaged by overtightening the action screws.
The Manners T4 gives the CZ 455 some unique handling characteristics and offers the shooter some additional training opportunities not found with traditional stocks. The stock also has a flat, 4-inch toe (5 inches if you count the recoil pad) with the forward edge curved to accommodate the shooter’s support hand if he wants to grab the rear of the stock and pull it into his shoulder. The forend on the CZ 455 VPT extends well past halfway down the barrel, is 2? inches wide with rounded sides and is textured on the rear half. The detachable magazines and Manners T4 stock make the VPT the perfect rifle to use as a precision rifle trainer for new shooters or those who want to stay up on their skills without going broke doing it.
The VPT’s T4 is also a good stock to help us work on our positional shooting since it was designed for use on centerfire rifles. The next ammo tested was the Federal new bulk-packed 36-grain load that comes in a nitrogen-filled oversize tuna can. After spending some time on the VPT, it would be the rifle I would use to teach anyone how to shoot off the bench or in the prone or to introduce a younger shooter to the basics of sniping. As we prepare to say goodbye to yet another year, it’s that time again to fondly look back at all those hot properties that you, the readers, loved in 2012. You would expect the owner of a security company to be pretty secure on the homestead, but the owner of Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments (SAFE) turned his Los Angeles hilltop abode into an experiment in next level fortification. Cold War and space enthusiasts alike (not to mention yours truly) were tickled pick in February with the discovery of the 97-foot satellite command center known as the Jamesburg Earth Staion. Appearing out of thin air and hitting the market for a cool $99.9 million in 2012 was none other than the towering school of magic known as Hogwarts.
There are homes built out of missile silos and then there are homes built to withstand missiles altogether. Hitting the market in March in all its symmetrical bliss was the inspiring, moat surrounded castle by architect Charles Sieger. Everyone loves a castle, but it seems you were especially fond of one particular fortress home in 2012: Castle Rogue’s Manor. We’ve seen plenty of professional athletes with awesome homes, but nothing quite stacked up to the sportsman’s paradise that is the home of Atlanta Braves legend John Smoltz. With the internet abuzz with undead fever, we set out to identify the best zombie-proof homes money could buy. These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Female Nazi Costume" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. Since the inception of The Outdoor Boys, I have made outdoor activities a fun thing for my family. An emergency pack should contain the general items you will need to withstand an emergency situation lasting up to 3 days. In addition to the actual pack something that should not be overlooked is your selection of wardrobe. I put together the list below to help give you a jump start on preparing your own emergency preparedness kit. Disclosure: Some of products listed were provided to theoutdoorboys to facilitate the review.
This entry was posted in DIY, Gear and tagged 72 hour pack, backpack, bug out bag, emergency preparedness, flashlight, get home bag, survival by admin. Part of the program involved the best practices and drills discovered from both military and law enforcement sniper schools from around the world. On command, the students crawl up on top of the berm into their shooting position and engage the target with 10 rounds (if my round count is off, it’s because my memory fails me). We are fortunate enough to live in a country where parents can teach their children to shoot. It is also an excellent rifle with which precision shooters can practice without going broke. The 455 design comes to us thanks to newer manufacturing techniques at CZ, and all of the 455 models allow the owner to easily switch calibers thanks to a barrel that’s easy to remove and replace. The barrel is hammer forged and 20? inches long, plenty long enough to get all the velocity out of a .22’s case capacity.
There is some creep in the trigger, but the light pull weight and smooth engagement surfaces make it less noticeable and very manageable. Often the bottom metal will protrude slightly from the stock unless the manufacturer pays careful attention to detail. While a .22LR doesn’t generate much recoil, most rifles will benefit from a good bedding job that keeps the action from moving around during transport or recoil. The single pillar in the VPT is plenty solid for a rimfire, especially when paired with the cylindrical-shaped action and flat, square tang. The T4 has a high, flat comb that does an excellent job of keeping the shooter’s head directly behind the scope without requiring the additional weight and complexity of an adjustable comb. When spending the majority of our time in the prone, a vertical grip alleviates much of the stress placed on our wrist when shooting conventional stocks. Prone shooting off a bipod is the most basic of all shooting positions, so it makes sense if we spend a fair amount of our shooting time in it.

While the flat forend is predominantly meant for riding bags, it also fits well in the support hand and is long enough for almost any positional work. It would also work as an inexpensive substitute tactical trainer for a more seasoned shooter.
Lilja (manufacturer of match-grade barrels that hold a number of records) makes a drop-in .900-inch-diameter barrel for the 455 that would fit perfectly in the T4 stock. Unlike previous years, when celebrity real estate reigned supreme, it was an eclectic blend of real estate ranging from the architecturally significant to the over-the-top absurd to the ultimate in zombie defense that dominated the scene. Dubbed East Sister Rock Island, the $12 million private island is the Bahamian oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Listed for $5.9 million, the luxury mansion has been zombie-proofed and then some, with panic rooms, bulletproof glass and a rooftop helipad. The mythical locale featured 42,000 acres of Forbidden Forest along with the Hogwarts castle itself, a massively 21,000-square-foot structure with elaborate tapestries, secret corridors and other magical amenities. Ok, maybe this missile-proof window home in the small island-cluster of Cedar Key, FL can’t withstand a ballistic attack, but the ‘mini-skyscraper’ can certainly hold its own when it comes to shrapnel and debris whipping through the air at hurricane speeds. Tucked away in the Ozark backwoods of Eureka Springs, AR , Castle Rogues Manor is the ultimate 15,000-square foot fantasy fortress, complete with massive great halls, guard towers and a ‘Gate’s Keeper’ cottage, all modeled in medieval cathedral-style.
Coming in third on our Top Posts of 2012 was the one-time site for Atlas-F intercontinental ballistic missiles, which was tastefully reconstituted as a private mountain retreat. Tucked away on 20 acres of North Atlanta, the Cy Young Award-winner’s $7.2 mansion flexes serious sports muscle in the form of tennis courts, basketball courts, separate baseball and football fields, a fully stocked and oxygenated fishing pond, jogging trail and, get this, a private 18-hole golf course.
From castles to private islands to missile silos to former Cold War communications stations, our ‘Penetrate This: 16 Homes for Staving off the Zombie Apocalypse’ had a little something for everyone.
Being prepared is not a one size fits all plan, however there are basic items that should always be kept handy. We’re often out camping, or hiking, bike riding or cruising on kayaks in the ocean or intercoastal waterways.
As mentioned before, preparedness is not a one size fits all plan and the kit you plan to pack can be specific to a scenario or demographic location. From top to bottom you must consider what elements you will encounter and prepare accordingly. The specific items are products that I proudly carry in my emergency kits and stand by their quality. The course was six weeks long and brought snipers predominantly from the Marine Corps together with an Army officer (myself) and a Dutch Commando attending as part of an exchange program. The first shot is the toughest because students have to estimate wind speed and shoot based off their estimate. This is a responsibility that we should take seriously, if for no other reason than that the child we teach may one day defend this country. The paint can scratch and chip over time through use, especially if we make it a habit of tossing the rifle in and out of the truck. I have pretty high cheekbones, and even with my head completely relaxed and resting on the comb, I can see down the center of my scope. In either of these positions, our best accuracy will always be with a rear bag in place, and a flat toe gives that vital rear bag plenty of real estate to support the back of the gun.
The vertical grip with palm swell does a much better job of filling our hand and giving us something to hold on to. The wide forend provides exceptional stability off of sandbags or flat rests, and the wide sides ensure that even bags that wrap around the forend don’t touch the barrel.
Most precision rifles have a stock very similar to the T4, so time spent on the 455, and the skills acquired there, transitions easily to other rifles. The bolt throw is about 80 degrees, and the bolt lift is fairly stiff, but I expect that would smooth up over time and use.
Featuring a 5,000-square-foot compound, green energy and 360-degree ocean views, it’s not surprising to see the private coral island crack our list of the top post of 2012. Further sweetening the deal and tugging at our cool home-strings are features that include a custom double-lock ship’s door and submarine flooring. Head down the 125-foot stairwell and through blast doors made of three-inch concrete and mesh steel and check out what made the Missile Silo Home one of the hottest properties of the year. No matter what we’re doing I try to incorporate teaching my family safety and preparedness. The list is not comprehensive as their are many personal choices that can be made to suit your specific needs. He said that the rest of the world’s militaries would always be trying to catch up to the Americans when it came to marksmanship because so many of us learned to shoot as children and knew how to handle firearms before we ever entered the service. This gives shooters the ability to build a rifle that closely mimics the handling characteristics of their centerfire precision rifle. The new, molded-in camouflage finish offered with the VPT means that we don’t have to worry about damaging a painted one. The stock is also inletted for the heavy barrel and ensures that it is free floating, an additional measure optimizing accuracy. The stock is one of the best available, and the action’s design lends itself well to the practice. The magazine well attaches to the bottom of the receiver with a large metal screw that rests against the aluminum pillar. For those with lower cheekbones, a stock-pack is an inexpensive way to get some additional height off the comb if needed.
There are also two sling swivel studs in the forend to accommodate a bipod and sling simultaneously. Couple those two components with the attention of a premium custom rifle builder, and I get excited to see what would happen. It is a great idea to keep an emergency preparedness kit handy in your home as well as vehicle or frequently visited location(s).
Organizations like FEMA and the Red Cross have published information on their websites on how to prepare for a disaster as well as what to expect after one has occurred. One of the most important skills for the outdoors and general survival is the ability to overcome obstacles and improvise in a sticky situation.
The last thing you want is to be caught in a situation where you must rely on your gear and they fail you.

Martens steel toe boots, tactical or cargo pants (rip stop preferred), I keep lightweight t-shirts but always pack a sweatshirt in my pack. The purpose of this list is to provide a reference point, I’m not an expert on the subject by any means but like to share my experience and what works for me. The stock also has a final topcoat of Armor-Grip paint that gives it a very flat appearance and adds some texture to the stock.
There are large, uninterrupted radii that run along the bottom of the 455 action (like on a Remington 700, the world’s easiest action to bed) that mate well with the stock, as would the large, square tang at the receiver’s rear. Most stocks on .22LR rifles have a pointed toe that is much harder to anchor firmly in place. The VPT comes with the best rimfire stock on the market, and the CZ 455’s action is a solid and worthy foundation upon which to build, especially when we consider the robust aftermarket support available for it. As a resident of beautiful South Florida I have hurricanes, floods and power outages to worry about. I keep a comfortable cap in my bag and use my polarized Under Armour shades for exposure to the sun. National Park Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsYou know me, I must have something educational to teach the kids.
Some folks have other things to worry about such as snow storms, earthquakes, tornados and tsunamis to name a few.
So of course I researched the history, and fun facts about the Dry Tortugas National Park before we went, so we could do our normal scavenger hunt once we arrived!First important stuff; like how to get there! It rides the bags well, but the two studs also allow for simultaneous use of a sling and bipod in the field. The Park itself it about 100 square miles, most of it is open water, with 7 small islands.The official Tour Boat of the Dry Tortugas is the Yankee Freedom III, through Yankee Freedom Tours.
Some days the trip can get a little windy, so its nice to have a boat that you feel safe and secure in! Second it has a little snack bar that serves food, drink, and cocktails ~ I mean come on we are on vacation! I would not recommend this as the waters can be very dangerous to people who do not know the shallows and reef areas.The ride out to the Dry Tortugas is about 2 hours and 15 mins, so sit back relax and enjoy the trip!
The Navy was looking to build a base to help control the Pirate ships coming from the Caribbean.
However, years later, another Naval Officer, decided that if the Tortugas was ever captured, the USA Navy and shipping boats could be in great danger.
Some are yellow color and the others are Dark Red ~ do you see it?Here is why there are two types of bricks at the fort. This fun fact was supplied by Yankee Freedom.At the Fort they also had over 420 heavy guns, some of the cannons are still there today. Mudd, helped to treat and save many lives, even though he was a prisoner, and did not have to help the soldiers.
Mudd and he was released March 8, 1869.Fun Fact The Fort was never officially completed, and it was never used in combat. Eventually it was abandoned in 1875.By National Park Service Digital Image Archives [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsNow we have learned some cool history and great facts, so time to relax.
Please do not touch the reef or disturb anything in the water while you are snorkeling, it destroys it.You might see some Sea Anemone have tentacles that are triggered by the slightest touch.
Now just so you know this Capitan did not know I was a blogger, nor did he know that I was writing a story.
The organ heart actually stops beating when the octopus swims, explaining why the octopus often likes crawling rather than swimming, because it exhausts them. How many can you count? The islands are also home to 3 different kids of turtles, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, and Green Turtles. While walking around you might also see some washed up small boats that are from Cuban refugees.
Many Cubans in the past have traveled across these dangerous waters to try to reach the USA. Many Cubans head for the Dry Tortugas as it is the closest piece of land to Cuba.Hope you had a wonderful day in The Dry Tortugas with us. You must either download the Ranger Handbook and take it with you, or you can pick one up at the Visitor’s Center on the island. If you abide by all the rules of the handbook while visiting, you will receive your Park Rangers Badge. She has relocated and lived in 5 countries and counting – and has traveled with her family extensively.
Now Stacey shares her knowledge in hopes to help some of the world's 200k expat families ease into their new adventure and start exploring. Until I read your post I’d never heard of it, but the island and it’s history looks really interesting!! Hope you can also join us and link up for Travel Photo Mondays, the link is up all week long! Unfortunately it’s been postponed til next year (hopefully!) but really looking forward to getting out there – looks really fascinating, and love the colours of the water! But if I visited here I’m not sure I could resist the impulse to start pretending to be a pirate.
My kids were pirates, then soldiers, then underwater explorers ~ that what traveling is all about!
We always learn a lot from the Junior Ranger Programs and like your kids, mine enjoy earning their badges.
We love them to ~ my dad was actually a Ranger so we spent many hours exploring parks all over the USA!
I have made it to Key West, but I didn’t know anything about the Dry Tortugas or Fort Jefferson, otherwise I would have certainly tried to go there.
Loving all sorts of historical buildings, but especially old forts, this really would have been a place I wanted to see.

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