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AndroidWeblog trae para ti, Las mejores aplicaciones y Juegos para Android Disponibles desde la tienda de Google Play, asi como algunos dispositivos moviles y Tablets de excelente calidad. Los juegos de zombies, son una de las categorias de juegos mas populares de estos tiempos, es posiblemente una de las formas de exterminio de la humanidad que mas atraccion tiene, con escenarios terrorificos con zombies por todas partes, pero con una gran cantidad de municion para acabar con todos, es por eso que hoy les hablare acerca de Zombie Diary, uno de los juegos de zombies mas populares de este mes, para que lo puedan llevar con ustedes.
Zombie Diary es un juego de matar zombies para android, en el cual tu objetivo principal sera precisamente ese, matar la mayor cantidad de zombies posibles en cada escenario, para esto contaras con una gran cantidad de arsenal para lograr tu objetivo, asi como distintas armas que te permitiran matar mas zombies en menos tiempo, por si fuera poco los escenarios y calidad grafica de Zombie Diary son muy buenos, asi que es un juego que sin duda disfrutaras. Zombie Diary destaca por contar con mas de 24 armas distintas, las cuales podras llevar contigo, dispondras de funciones distintas a la hora de jugar, asi como de 5 habilidades, las cuales podras mejorar conforme avances en los niveles, por si fuera poco podras hacerte de 4 mapas distintos y deberas mejorar tu habilidad rapidamente, pues los zombies pueden atacar de distintas formas, con ataques rapidos, ataques lentos y con jefes, sin duda algo fabuloso en un juego de zombies. Asi que si andas en busca de juegos de zombies para android, sin duda necesitas descargar Zombie Diary, un juego que podras descargar directamente de google play de forma gratuita.
Excelente Estaria excelente si no fueran tan caras las armas o que dieran mas diamantes por que ya en el dia 10 es practicamente imposible. These are the smallest types of pickup trucks around, and are usually outfitted with four- or six-cylinder engines (some mid-sizes have V8s). Full-size pickup trucks represent the ultimate in utility, being able to tow five tons, haul several thousand pounds of supplies, and conquer almost any terrain. Compact SUVs have limited cargo space, but they make up for this with superior fuel economy (often in the 20-25 mpg range) and maneuverability. Guest Author is our account that gives a voice to any author who wants to write about zombies. Our mission is to be the voice of the independent zombie community and bring awareness and uncensored entertainment to the zombie loving masses. Unturned is a first person survival FPS in which players must scavenge for supplies as they traverse a zombie-filled environment. Players may wield both melee and ranged weapons with melee weapons being ideal for taking out zombies without alerting others while ranged weapons are best suited for taking out enemy players from a more secure location. Each game profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more!
They have been lumped into the same category due to the high number of similarities between them.

Many also take a hit in off-road capability, although some, particularly those made by Jeep, are fully capable off-road (coming at the expense of fuel economy, which is in the high teens). If you're an author and want to write an article for Zombie Guide Magazine, shoot us a message!
We appreciate it that you take the time to read our site, and have come this far in preparing yourself for the apocalypse. Players may choose to play offline by themselves or join others on community hosted servers in either PvE only or PvP configurations. In order to survive players need to secure a source of food and water to stave off dehydration, famine and sickness which will ultimately lead to their characters permanent death. Firearms can also be equipped with different zoom optics and muzzles players pickup on their journey. Since vans have already been discussed, this section will cover pickups and SUVs of various types.
These smaller trucks benefit from increased maneuverability and better fuel economy (in the 20-25 mpg range for compacts, while most mid-sizes get around 17-20 mpg), but can carry less cargo than their full-size brethren. With their small size, respectable fuel economy, limited off-road capabilities, and large cargo capacity when compared to cars, compact SUVs are perhaps the only trucks that can really be viewed as useful for lone survivors or small, traveling groups, filling a niche similar to station wagons.
Perishables aren’t super common in Unturned and players will need to collect supplies in order to grow their own food sources and setup a sustainable camp to protect their supplies from other invading players.
As players take out wandering zombies they’ll gain experience which can be used to increase special traits which boosts a players affinity in certain areas including survival, scavenging, stamina and marksmanship. This game really is a hidden treasure among the over hyped bullshit suck ass games made by big companies such as EA. Fuel economy is a horror, with even smaller, more efficient examples getting in the mid-high teens, and bigger ones sometimes sinking into the single digits.
To do this players will venture into abandoned areas including towns, farms, and military bases where they can find items needed to craft fortifications and fend off attacks from encroaching enemies with makeshift traps.
The upside is that the developer is working directly with the community and very approachable.

SUVs, meanwhile, replace this bed with an interior space, and often resemble very large station wagons. Currently, the only light trucks being sold in the US are the Ford Ranger and the Mazda B-Series, which are built on the same platform.
On top of that, most of these vehicles are absolutely gargantuan, while lacking the utility of their pickup truck counterparts. Both are often built on body-on-frame platforms resembling miniature versions of heavy trucks, although recently, there have been a growing number of exceptions in the SUV category. North American mid-size trucks include the Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Dakota, and the Chevrolet Colorado. Finally, some of the larger examples, even those sold under entry-level marquees like Ford and Chevrolet, are filled with the same kind of high-maintenance electronics that luxury cars have. The two main advantages of a pickup or SUV are its high cargo capacity and its off-road capability. Outside of North America, it is possible to find highly fuel efficient 4 cylinder compact and mid-sized trucks like the Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, among others. This latter point gives these vehicles a significant advantage over vans for the purpose of moving large groups of people or bringing supplies back to base. However, in areas such as Western Europe, pickup trucks of exceptional reliability can be found, the most impressive of these being the Toyota Hilux being (arguably) indestructible.
They also come with the same disadvantages as vans, namely the limited maneuverability and the poor fuel economy, which limits their use for small groups or lone survivors. Please note however, pickup trucks in any area carries a large risk from open carry compartments and can be vulnerable to both the weather and raiders. The best to use are the Toyota Landcruiser (in the US) and Landrover Defender (in Europe) due to their simplicity and ease of maintenance, while also achieveing a decent gas millage (the Defender TD5 can do 26-28mpg and can even come as a pick-up version).

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