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With its grooved, gun handle style grip, the Biohazard Zombie Hunter Survival Knife is quick on the draw and just what you need when a situation goes pear-shaped and you need a good knife by your side. This knife features a curve 440 stainless steel blade, sharp as a dragona€™s tooth, and houses a teeth-like serration on the upper spine.
Ideal for hunting and many other survival situations, this knife has a full tang 440 stainless steel blade in a sleek, wide style perfect for easy drawing without a catch.

Measuring out at 5 inches in length, the sating finished blade features 1.5 inch fuller along with a biohazard logo and scope sights emblem for a unique and bold look. The blade sports a unique style pale green color camouflage finish, it makes the visibility when using in emergency conditions easy to see.
Includes a FREE nylon sheath with integrated belt loop and Velcro enclosures to hold the knife secure.

The handle offers a graceful but yet a tactical design with rims around the handle, a short guard, and a steel butt cap which are engulf in the same pale green camo as the blade.

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