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The point of both effects is to get Mezuki into the grave.But the effect is kind of backwards.
The Croatian, Greek, Portuguese and Thai names given are not official. Lorsque cette carte est Invoquee Specialement depuis votre main, infligez 1000 points de dommages a votre adversaire.
Wenn diese Karte als Spezialbeschworung von deiner Hand beschworen wird, fuge deinem Gegner 1000 Schaden zu. Quando questa carta viene Evocata Specialmente dalla tua mano, infliggi 1000 danni al tuo avversario. Cuando Invocas esta carta de Modo Especial desde tu mano, inflige 1000 puntos de dano a tu adversario. Gemini monsters (Japanese: ????????? Dyuarumonsuta "Dual Monster") are Effect Monsters with the ability "Gemini". The process of Normal Summoning a Gemini monster a second time (that is being treated as a Normal Monster by its effect) is just the same as performing any other Normal Summon, except that the monster is already on the field and no Tributes are necessary for Gemini monsters of Level 5 or above. The "Chemical Beast" archetype is heavily focused on, and almost completely composed of, Gemini monsters. Decks built entirely around Gemini monsters are almost all Aggro Decks with strong field control, some capacity for field-swarming, and quick Synchro. Gemini monsters have seen an upswing recently in inclusion in anti-meta Decks, with the powerful beatsticks ("Elemental Hero Neos Alius" and "Crusader of Endymion") splashing in with support from "Honest" and "Gemini Spark". They benefit greatly from the many support cards that allow Normal Monsters to be Summoned back from the Graveyard, like "Birthright".
If your Gemini Deck consist of utilizing level 4 Gemini monsters, adding in "Gemini Spark” would be extremely effective in dodging inevitable trap cards or removing any target on the field. In Gemini decks that focus on gaining the effect of “Gemini” monsters, running "Supervise" is a must.
Since "Gemini" monsters are Normal Monsters while in your graveyard, adding "Swing of Memories" can be of great use.
Gemini decks that specialize in sending your Gemini monsters to the graveyard often would use cards such as Future fusion, "Foolish Burial" or Featherizer. All Decks that deal with Gemini are extremely vulnerable to commonly played cards such as "Book of Moon" (which can reset the effects of Gemini monsters) and "Bottomless Trap Hole" (which not only stops their Summon, but removes them from play).

This deck is focused on having the most functionality and focuses on monster effects and fast Synchro or Xyz Summon. This deck mainly concentrates on sending "Phoenix Gearfried" from either your hand or deck to the Graveyard, so that it can be Special Summoned.
However, the effect the Gemini monster "Skelesaurus" treats it as Dinosaur-Type after it has been Normal Summoned while face-up on the field.
The Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Portuguese and Thai names given are not official. This monster has a series of own Synchro Monsters to play arround, and control the field with the rest of the undead army. You can remove from play this face-up card you control to return 1 removed from play "Skull Flame" to its owner's Graveyard. Vous pouvez retirer du jeu cette carte face recto que vous controlez pour renvoyer 1 "Crane Infernal" retire du jeu au Cimetiere de son proprietaire. Du kannst diese offene Karte, die du kontrollierst, aus dem Spiel entfernen, um 1 aus dem Spiel entfernte „Totenkopf-Flamme“ auf den Friedhof ihres Besitzers zuruckzulegen. Puoi rimuovere dal gioco questa carta scoperta che controlli per far ritornare al Cimitero del proprietario 1 mostro "Teschio Fiamma" rimosso dal gioco. Voce pode remover do jogo esta carta virada para cima que voce controla para retornar 1 "Skull Flame" removido do jogo para o Cemiterio do dono. Puedes retirar del juego esta carta boca arriba que controles para devolver al Cementerio de su dueno 1 "Llama de Calavera" que haya sido retirada del juego.
They have effects, but these effects must be "unlocked" by performing an additional Normal Summon on them while they are face-up on the field; until then, they are treated as Normal Monsters on the field and in the Graveyard (everywhere else they are treated as Effect Monsters).
Despite common unofficial usage, Normal Summoning a Gemini monster while it is already on the field is not called a "Gemini Summon". The Fusion Monster "Superalloy Beast Raptinus" causes them to gain their effects immediately, and can be fused from any two Gemini. What makes it really impressive is the use of "Super Polymerization", enabling not only discards (which are beneficial to a Deck of this kind) but the theft of certain monsters depending on attribute.
What makes "Gemini Spark" effective is the ability to chain it to an opponent's card such as "Bottomless Trap Hole", which not only saves your monster from being banished but also enabling you to draw 1 card. Combos with “Supervise” involve “Evocator Chevalier” which destroys any card your opponent controls and reviving a Normal Monster from your Graveyard.
This card proves versatile with the addition of Xyz Monsters, one may summon a monster on the field then use "Swing of Memories" to revive a Gemini in the graveyard, which will then set-up for an easy Xyz Summon (since most Geminis are level 4), a Tribute Summon (such as "Knight of the Red Lotus") or Synchro Summon if a tuner is available.

Key cards are "Gemini Soldier", "Damage Condenser", and "Reinforce Truth", which help get many of the main engines of the deck on the field safely and fast. However, these monsters never got play, and the Tuner got his spot on decks like Lightsworn and several Synchro builds, getting limited in the forbidden list in the process. Once a Gemini monster has been Summoned an additional time, it is then treated as an Effect Monster and it gains the effect(s) written on it. Gemini Decks can vary greatly in specialty and method of operation, so much so that (unlike many archetypes) any two examples could be almost entirely different outside of two or three monsters and traps. A good example of this is "Cu Chulainn the Awakened", seeing as he can use the ATK of a Normal Monster in the Graveyard. In addition, "Gemini Spark" also benefits Gemini monsters such as "Blazewing Butterfly" which depends on a Gemini in your Graveyard. Although this card is a tribute summon, you may special summon it if the requirements are met. Even when built for field-swarming, Gemini Decks can have a hard time matching the speed of the most commonly played archetypes that specialize in it, such as "X-Sabers", "Blackwings", and "Lightsworns". The major types of Gemini Decks are Field Control (which tend to focus on destruction effects), Equip (which focus on Equips and often lean towards Warrior Gemini monsters), and the most popular: "Gigavise" (which focuses on abuse of the effect of "Gigaplant" effect to field-swarm Plants or Geminis, sometimes going for the Gigaplant OTK). Xyz Monsters such as “Daigusto Emeral” may also be of great assistance in reviving a Gemini from your Graveyard.
Other weaknesses include "Fortune Lady" Decks because of their Field Spell "Future Visions", which prevents Gemini monsters from gaining their effects, and "Black Garden", which would cut down the ATK down to a quarter before it would gain its effects.
Also, Gemini monsters tend to rely more heavily on support cards than some archetypes, so Decks built around them more typically go over the forty card standard than others. Now, with the debut of Xyz Monsters, Decks that revolves on Level 4 or lower Gemini and non-Gemini monsters has good potential in conducting a quick Xyz Summon of Rank 4 or lower Xyz Monsters. Multiple copies of "Ancient Gear Knight" are used by members of Duel Academy during their invasion of Heartland City in "Sora's Secrets: Part 2".

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