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At 15 Square meters and completely off the grid, Brett Sutherland has constructed a true, off the grid tiny house treasure.
This modern tiny house is filled with treasures obtained over a lifetime of adventure, and may just be the ultimate bachelor pad. Make sure you are following us on YouTube and Facebook to keep up-to-date with our Tiny House Adventures. Please subscribe on YouTube for more videos on Tiny Houses, design, and sustainable, off the grid tiny house living. I find it rather interesting that a council would start to get bent out of shape when it comes to tiny houses when they seem to be more like a caravan than a house. In order to start pointing the finger at tiny houses the council and other bodies would have to call into question almost every caravan and campervan ever constructed in NZ.
This is my dream option but the biggest question I have is what about laundry facilities, I haven’t seen a tiny house with a laundry yet? I’m also a bit of a prude and would need a more traditional type toilet and because of my health I am incapable of carting it places to empty anyway.
OMG, I have just seen the Campbell Live interview and find it incomprehensible that Auckland City Council did not take the opportunity to show the world how progressive and forward thinking our city is.
Love this this house, this is by far my favorite design it feels so big inside and the roof is the best ive seen so much more room in the loft area. Thanks for doing these videos myself im never going to be able to afford a house in Melbourne and I think this is a much better option. The plans for our Tiny House will be available online, along with a full series of videos showcasing the steps of the build. If you are looking for someone to help with the design, I would recommend talking to Equinox Design, who are currently working on the finishing touches of our design. When it comes to the build, check out the widget bar to the left of this website to see the people we have teamed up with for our build. Our own build also captures rainwater, and we will be doing detailed video’s on our set-up in the near future. In New Zealand the law requires two doors between toilet and the kitchen, not apparent in this design.

I am on my journey to building my tiny house – it will be the biggest thing in my life at this time in my life.
Starting from the Trailer up and Brett Sutherland’s design seems to hold more of what I need in the tiny house. The portraits in Scrublands show farmers, homesteaders, herders, who seem at once weary and peaceful set against beautiful landscapes and environments largely of their own making. The farmers and homesteaders in the series were found mostly in remote mountain ranges, like the Carpathians and the Swiss Alps. While the photos include images of wisened farmers and community builders, many of their subjects had no experience in living a self-supporting lifestyle prior to setting out on their own. Part of the reason Bruy wants to extend the trip to the US---particularly places in New Mexico---is the influence that he says stories from the US have had on the European homesteaders he met. Over the past few years, new washing machines have become much more efficient, both in energy and water use, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Packed with unique, space saving design elements, Brett has created a fantastic space to both live and work. The off the gird tiny house was constructed on his parents property, and will soon be moved to a friends property in Bethells Beach in Auckland. My name is Bryce and I'm passionate about small space design, permaculture, and downsized, eco-friendly living. I have been in love with these things for yrs want one or 6 you have a group are you interested in doing the course organizations thing. Bloody hell, they have no foresight, Auckland could be a global role model for sustainable living, we have a chance to show the international community just how progressive and innovative New Zealand is in our approach to solving the housing issues that face future generations. So far the Auckland council have been really great with Tiny Houses, with a few around the place that I know of being granted permissions. I would change a few things downstairs for my own preferences but overall its an awesome tiny house. One of the benefits to downsizing your house, is you also can really downsize your off grid system!
Join me on my travels as I meet people who are living big lives in wonderful small spaces and follow along as I build my very own Tiny House on wheels.

Unfortunately, they prefer to reveal themselves as ultra conservative, old fashioned pedants.
The same council that are causing problems in this case have actually approved two Tiny Houses in the same area (West Auckland) at the Earthsong Eco village in Ranui. In the Campbell Live article, they didn’t mention that the land-lord of that particular property was already in trouble with the council because of some other dwellings on the land, so Brett just kind of got pulled into an existing dispute. I know of a number of toilet systems, but this looks like something new,is it some kind of portable compost toilet? We will be doing full video’s detailing our approach on setting up an off-the-grid solar system for a tiny house. Tiny Houses are a new thing for council, and it’s understandable that they are a bit unsure how to treat them. Good luck for your own Tiny House build, and make sure you keep us updated with your progress! Each load requires 10 liters of water: five liters for a wash cycle and then another five liters for the rinse. We are compiling as much information as we can to be able to put out a video on the legal issues surrounding Tiny Houses in NZ. The total wash time is only about 6 minutes, with a wash cycle taking up to three minutes depending on how many items you place in it, a rinse cycle only taking two minutes and then one additional minute for spinning out excess water.The lid of the Drumi can be used to measure out the water and it also features a push button for draining the water at the end of each cycle. Because the washer drains out from the bottom, it could be set up either in a bathtub or shower or outside.The washer is available for pre-order for $129 until the end of June when Yirego will be launching a crowd-funding campaign to manufacture the units.
Here's hoping they come up with a larger-sized unit too.You can watch a video of the Drumi in action below.

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