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The founders knew this, and they perhaps also knew that zombies were inevitable in America. Then again, there's plenty of people alive today getting things from government that they don't need.
Definition 2 doesn’t necessarily apply to this, but it could have started with you drinking far too many of them. The one thing a zombie will absolutely refuse to let you use near it is fire, or any source of heat for that matter.
I am sure that we all consider that we know the best way to zombie-proof our homes in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, but it’s always a good idea to have some specialist confirm that your ideas are good.
As a fan of anything zombie, I must be ready to always have some amazing zombie-related items on me. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Zombies are far more flammable than you or I, so there is a high demand on their part that you just don’t use the stuff.
Unfortunately, on those cold nights when you need to snuggle up to somebody, that’s right out the door. This is the case of the Infographic below that shows the must-have elements of any anti-zombie house.
The bullet points under definition 1 are there just for the sake of making sure that I was thorough in copying the dictionary. Sometimes they are more active than your standard zombie, and it seems we learn more about these by the day.
There are a few special cases I could talk you through, but I’ll give you the most eligible bachelor among them. Vampires, if they’re bored, generally allow the individual to believe that they care about their problems while they manipulate you from the background.

A‚A These usually are the first to get turned to ash, but then there are those that have a bit more gray matter in their heads and know something bad is on the way.
A‚A He likes wearing hockey masks and has a fondness of his mother, camping, and dispensing violence upon teens (and some adults) of questionable moral character. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Hugh Laurie club tagged: zombie house zombie house. There’s so many to choose from, and what says bigger playing field than a zombie horde? What we can’t leave behind is that the dictionary mentions witchcraft as being the way our undead date was brought back.
It pains me to tell you these things, but the truth is that most of these creatures have one dietary staple; us. These types tend to get violent, and that’s not something anybody needs in a relationship.
They will blatantly think only of their needs and what they expect their significant other not to do. A‚A Much like our fanged date options, these guys are riddled with all sorts of stuff that will kill you and turn you into one of them. It could be swamp gas, radiation, or even a good old fashioned disease that made them what they are today. When it comes time for you to get what you want, they just shamble off like they never heard a word you said. The biggest problems with no fire is that means no romantic candlelight dinners, no fireplace chats, no cooking a meal.
A‚A This might fool you into thinking you finally have the key to the relationship, that bit of common ground. A‚A As far as I know, they’ve never gone out of their way for even the sassiest of barbecue sauces.

What this generally means for you is that regardless of whatever lengths you go to for their dinner, they are going to snack all the way to your place, when they get there they will eat the cat, and then they will have no appreciation for what you went through to make them something special.
Maybe you went out on a nice leisurely walk and a dog started chewing on its leg, or an arm got caught on the fence. A‚A Shambling after your neighbor for being nosy about the fact you’re dating zombies!
What’s worse is that not only will they be unappreciative of your effort, but will likely be just as upset that you used fire to cook the meal! However honest they may be, dating these shambling singles can still cause you far more grief than glee.
A‚A The only vegetables they ever get is whatever vegetarian that happens to come walking by. This also brings up another point (if you can work out the warmth problem) that intimacy can lead to other issues.
Without going into graphic detail, just understand that in a zombie’s condition things will break, bend, A‚A and shrivel away.
The vampire had lots to talk about, the zombie doesn’t, even if it WAS there at the time. Not only did it curse you to roam looking for another date who will help you over this heartbreak, but it’s also left you with an unwavering appetite. I cannot stress enough that there’s no amount of glue, stapling, or stitching that will fix this problem.
No opening doors, no seating you at a table, no saying excuse me while your poodle is devoured in a gut wrenching scene of horror.

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