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Taking inspiration from what they like to dub the “collegial spirit of Silicon Valley”, Studio O+A has come up with a sparkling new vertical campus for Yelp that blends the old, the new and the eclectic! Turning an urban high-rise into a campus-style space obviously presents a unique set of problems, and the architects overcame them by spreading out the social areas and giving each floor of the building an air of exceptionality.The reception area of this new Yelp headquarters is located on the 9th floor, and a trip up here is well worth the effort, as the space charms you with a classic and timeless look. A vintage cash register at the reception desk instantly draws your attention, as the retro appeal of the reception borrows from the ‘general store’ of an era gone by.

While the beautiful collectibles and vintage merchandise do grab your attention, smart pops of color, walls with playful patterns and lovely collages hold their own as well. The other levels of the workspace also have this whimsical and casual look while placing functionality front and center.

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